The weather might be a little depressing but there have still been just enough Xbox news stories around in the last week to raise our spirits. Let us take a look back and give our opinions on the very best Xbox One and Xbox 360 articles from the last seven days.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this weeks biggest game release came in the form of Turtle Rock’s asymmetrical multiplayer shooter, Evolve. The gameplay that sees four little, puny Hunters go up against one huge, super powerful Monster looks to be a bit of a winner and whilst we are still working on our full review, as long as you can get a group of talkative friends together, things are looking up for anyone who gets involved. The game is out now and whilst you wait for your download (and big old 3GB of Day One patch) to install, take a look at the lovely launch trailer.

Another title to release this last week was The Escapists. A million miles away from the intense atmospheric gameplay that Evolve brings to the Xbox One table, The Escapists promises a light hearted look at the every day life of a jailbird. Team 17 and Mouldy Toof Studios have delivered something that is as in-depth as they come…perhaps a little too in-depth and frustrating to begin with. Our review will tell you whether you need to be buying it and as long as you’re prepared to look beyond the trying opening few hours, you should just about find something to waste some decent time with.

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Going back a little further, there should have been no way on this planet you missed the release of Techland’s latest zombie basher, Dying Light. We are still rather impressed with what it brings and would love to point you in the direction of its Season Pass. Bringing new missions, new gameplay and new items, fans of the game should most definitely be looking to get involved.

And if that isn’t enough for you, check out the awesome news in regards a new ‘Hard Mode’ that Techland promise to bring very shortly. If Dying Light isn’t already scary enough for you, then the new free mode may just change that point of view!

Finally in this quick edition of ‘A Week In The Hub’, make sure you check out the first trailer for Just Cause 3. It may not be giving too much away but if it’s anything like its predecessors, gamers are going to be all over this when it finally releases!







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