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Do you remember the stupidly addictive Threes, in which you had to combine numbers in order to create bigger ones? We certainly do and that’s why the rather similar Get 10 Quest could be a worthy numerical puzzler to sink our teeth into. It’s the newest offering from developers Inlogic Games and it hopes to get you merging numbers again on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Unlike the Threes concept involving multiples of three, Get 10 Quest welcomes a wider range of numbers to the table for it’s puzzling experience, while remaining simple enough for everyone to enjoy. Essentially, the general aim sees you merging blocks of matching numbers together on a grid, which then forms a single tile of the subsequent number. As an example, if four tiles adorning a ‘1’ are touching each other are merged, this will create a solitary tile bearing a ‘2’. Seems straightforward enough, right?

There are 80 different levels to tackle in total and, despite the core gameplay of Get 10 Quest seldom changing, the challenges posed provide various objectives to accomplish. These include matching numbers until a tile reaches a specific value, eliminating every tile on-screen except one within a limited amount of moves, and accumulating a certain points total under a time restriction. Outside of that, a chilled out Endless mode lets you keep going until no matches can be made.

So, if you want to relax and fiddle with numbers for a bit, visit the Xbox Store and pay the absolutely miniscule amount of £2.49 to delve into Get 10 Quest. At that price, you haven’t really got anything to lose, but either way please do let us know whether you grab it or not via the comments section below.

Game Description:

Get 10 Quest is an incredible puzzle game that will keep you stick to the screen with its simple, intuitive yet deep gameplay and eye-catching, fresh graphics. Face the game in 2 different modes, Endless and Levels. Experience 6 different gameplay throughout the 80 available levels.

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