Single player open-world action games are pretty much two-a-penny. But when the Agents of Mayhem arrive you can be sure of an explosive time!

Deep Silver have today confirmed that Agents of Mayhem will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come 15th August 2017 in the USA and 18th August in Europe. If you ever wanted to find out what the world would be like after the supervillain organisation LEGION had their way, then you should be looking to get involved. Similarly, if you loved the Saints Row franchise, then this is really going to be one for you because there is more than a hint of what we came to love and expect from the Saints here.

In a tale of bad versus evil, the Agents of Mayhem – an elite band of the most unstable misfits – have been armed with a whole arsenal of weapons as they attempt to bring down LEGION and its mysterious leader, the Morningstar. You’ll get the chance to explore the city of Seoul with a team of three agents, all interchangable as you see fit, and all who come with their own unique look, humour, weapons and skills.

The team you choose is completely up to you and if you wish to go from Daisy, a mini-gun wielding, beer-swigging, foul-mouthed derby girl, to Rama, an immunologist with a futuristic bow and energy arrows, to Red Card, a psychotic football hooligan with a temper that can literally clear a crowd, then you can do so. With 12 agents in all, there promises to be a pretty damn decent degree of change allowed.

The Agents will be kicking into action this August, but for now, hit up the latest trailer below. The only question we have to ask is whether any of those damn fools will get on a plane!




  1. Really like the look of this… that trailer definitely pushed all the right (80’s themed) buttons for me!


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