It’s the game that has made better use of the Xbox Game Preview feature than any other. Yes, it may still not have released as a fully fledged Xbox One title, but today you can purchase a Season Pass for ARK: Survival Evolved – but whilst it promises plenty of content, it certainly ain’t cheap.

Available to purchase right now on Xbox One and PC thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere, the ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass comes in with a hefty £35.99 price tag. When accompanied by the £49.99 asking price of the base game itself – a game which, if you remember, is still in the work-in-progress stage – then there’s a lot of money being dropped for the chance to roam the world with a few dinosaurs.

But should you be interested, and should you wish to explore a wonderfully created huge open world, crafting tools, creating structures and taming the odd dino or two, then you’ll no doubt need to get as much help as you can. And that’s what the Season Pass will deliver as not only will you get access to the currently available Scorched Earth DLC pack, but also two further DLC additions that deliver a new desert world, 11 new creatures, more than 50 new items and a big old boss. They are however a little further down the line, but at least you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to spend anything extra.

You can expect to find upwards of 300 hours of content included and so I guess at the end of the day the price just about warrants it. At least if you intend to go deep within the world of ARK.

As always, the Xbox Games Store will give you access to everything the ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass brings. Just head on over there and grab it.

Season Pass Description:

The ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass gives you access to three huge expansion packs – Scorched Earth (available now) and two future expansions (coming in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018). Scorched Earth adds an all-new desert world along with 11 new creatures, 50+ new items and a new boss. The future expansions will unlock in your account when released and offer 300+ hours of content each including new dinosaurs, custom maps and unique mechanics.



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