Password leaks in gaming are much more common than you may think. Just recently, there’s been a massive data breach that compromised over 7 million accounts for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo users. The passwords of such a huge number of users were leaked, causing people to panic, and for a good reason.

Whether or not you’re one of those unlucky users, you can still successfully protect your Xbox from hackers. Here are all the steps you should take right now.

Use a Gaming VPN

A gaming VPN is your best way to go to successfully protect your Xbox from hackers. One of the oldest and reputable service providers is NordVPN,  It will encrypt your internet connection and hide you from anyone who would wish to gain access to your account.

Moreover, a gaming VPN will significantly reduce lag and provide you with a much better gaming experience. It will also give you access to geo-blocked content, i.e., all those games that are not available in your country. With a gaming VPN, you can play them all you want.

Also: hello, Netflix! A VPN is a perfect solution if there’s no Netflix in your country. If there is, but you wish to access some other country’s Netflix content on your Xbox, now you can.

How to Set Up Your Gaming VPN

There are three ways to set up a gaming VPN for your Xbox:

  • via your WiFi router
  • via PC
  • via Mac.

1. Using Your WiFi Router

Setting up your Xbox VPN via your WiFi router is the easiest way to go around. Once you choose your VPN provider and subscribe to their service, they’ll show you the installation process.

The settings are a bit different with every provider, but nevertheless, the installation doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

There’s also an option to purchase a WiFi router with a built-in VPN. However, those usually come at steep prices. The best way is to choose a trustworthy VPN provider and let them help you set up your VPN.

2. Connecting via PC

For this option, you need to have an Ethernet cable and, of course, an active VPN subscription. After you activate your chosen VPN service, install its software on your PC. Then, use an Ethernet cable to connect your PC and Xbox.

Find Adaptor Settings in your PC’s Network and Sharing Center under Control Panel. Here, you’ll see your VPN. Access its Properties after right-clicking on it, and then click on the Sharing tab. Check the box that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection,” and that’s it.

3. Connecting via Mac

Setting up your Xbox VPN via Mac is just as easy as doing it via PC. First, you also need an Ethernet cable and an active VPN subscription.

Install your VPN software on your Mac, and then connect your Xbox and Mac with the cable. Then, go to the Sharing options in your computer’s System Preferences. Click on the Internet Sharing list.

You’ll see a drop-down menu, where you’ll need to click on the Share your connection from and choose Wi-Fi.

You’ll see another list: To computers Using. Here, you need to select the Ethernet option.

If you do all this correctly, there should be a green icon next to the Internet Sharing list. Once it appears, open your VPN software and connect to the server you want. Your Xbox will be fully protected.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Password

Whether or not you decide to use a gaming VPN, you must have a strong password for your Xbox. How to create a strong password? Combinations of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols are nearly impossible to crack.

However, what if the latest hacking already compromised your Xbox account? To effectively protect your data, you should change your Xbox password right away.

Even if the hacking didn’t affect your Xbox account, change your password, just to be sure. That way, you’ll lock the hackers out of your account if they have your current password.

Also, make sure you enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) because it will prevent anyone from accessing your account. This is because, apart from your password, you’ll need to use a code sent to your phone to log in. That way, a potential hacker can never gain access to your Xbox account, unless they somehow have your phone.

New Xbox Security Feature to the Rescue

Xbox has a new security feature for recovering your account if a hacker has gained access to it. If Microsoft discovers any suspicious activity on your Xbox account, it will instantly lock the account.

If you experience this, you’ll read “It looks like someone else might be using your account” on your console. Don’t worry, because you can change your password right there on your console, and get back to your gaming.

As you can see, protecting your Xbox from hackers is simple. Make sure you follow these tips as soon as you can and eliminate the risk of anyone stealing your information.