gods will fall valley of the dormant gods

When Deep Silver released Gods Will Fall back in January, they proved that roguelike adventures could be done right. Since that launch though, players have already had the chance to enjoy a little bit of additional DLC, but nothing that ultimately changed up the experience. Until now that is as we get the chance to head to The Valley of the Dormant Gods. 

The first real expansion to the Gods Will Fall roguelike world, The Valley of the Dormant Gods is now available to purchase, download and add into the base game. This is an episodic drop, with Part 1 now in play, whilst two further DLC pieces are promised later down the line. 

It comes at a price of £6.69 and gives plenty of reason to fire up Gods Will Fall once more, before battling your way through no less than three new realms. New weapons are promised, as is a smattering of new gear, further skills and some glorious extras which have been thrown in to the Overworld. 

It’s Part 1 of the Gods Will Fall DLC that is of interest today though and this will see us travelling to a new mountainous realm as we look to defeat a new God, that of Yaltogguth – the God of Eyes. Thankfully the Brawler (our latest weapon of choice) is present and correct, as are the three new items of Blood Moss, Bone Quake and War Paint. Throw in the additional skills of Agile Warrior, Momentum of War and Parry Master, along with new Warrior’s Garb, and there’s plenty of reason to join the world of Gods Will Fall once more. 

Obviously you will need the base game to hand in order to enjoy the new content, but from there it’s a case of whether you need to splash the £6.69 for the individual The Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC, or whether or not you picked it up in the Valiant Edition of Gods Will Fall – if you did the latter, you should be automagically sorted. 

As always, let us know what you think of the latest content for Deep Silver’s cracking little roguelike. And hold tight for the game to expand with further God hunting in the weeks ahead. 

DLC Description:

The island of the gods has been conquered and your clan of warriors have battled their way to victory, breaking the gods’ grip on humanity. Now the ranks of the merciless gods are swelled by the awakening of new evil in “Valley of the Dormant Gods, Part 1” – the first of 3 Gods Will Fall DLC episodes. Perched on his mountaintop throne, Yaltogguth has watched your fearless warriors cleave his brethren from the land. Venture towards him with your brave fighters and welcome a new breed of warrior. Equipped with lethal gauntlets, the Brawler is perfectly suited to rip through the hordes of new minions your clan will face.

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