The Battlefield series is a big hit amongst the online gaming community. After all, with each release seeing millions of players join the battle and previous instalments still rife with players, it’s fair to summarise the Battlefield titles as some of the highest played games on console. So the new additions coming to Battlefield 1 are sure to please a vast number of players.

First up is this year’s Battlefest – as part of the DICE 25th Anniversary Battlefest, it’ll see new multiplayer community missions, various giveaways, events and double XP arrive for Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline and of course Battlefield 1. There will also a shiny new dog tag for all Battlefield 1 players to commemorate the 25th Battlefest Anniversary.

On top of Battlefest, players can now get stuck in with the recently announced Battlefield Premium Friends. This is a new feature for Battlefield 1 and will see owners of Battlefield Premium able to bring any friends who don’t own the Battlefield Premium Pass into the Premium maps brought to the game through expansions via the in-game parties.

There are several things to note however. First of all, only the owners of the Premium Pass or specific expansion pack will be able to spawn with the weapons and vehicles unique to the expansion. It will also only be owners or Premium members who will be able track progress towards the unique medals and codexes for the expansion.

Finally and most importantly, those without the Premium Pass or owners of the expansion will not earn XP, unlocks or expansion-specific assignments, but it’s not all bad because progress made in the new maps via Battlefield friends isn’t lost. Instead it is stored until players either become Premium Pass owners or buy the specific expansion tied to the progress. Whilst there may well be some who find this a pointless way to play, those that like to try before they buy will certainly have a fantastic way of judging if the new content is worth the asking price.

To make use of Battlefield Premium Friends, it is as simple as creating an in-game party and once the person who owns the Premium Pass joins the party, it will become Premium enabled giving everyone in the party access to the new maps.

So, there we have it, a breakdown of all the exciting things arriving in Battlefield 1. Is it enough to see you spend some more time with the fantastic World War shooter? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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