Merge Games have announced that they’ve partnered with Red Blue Games to bring Sparklite, a roguelite brawling adventure, to Xbox One. When evil rises, will you step up and be the hero the world needs?

Sparklite is a roguelite brawler adventure that’s set in a whimsical world where players invent guns and gadgets in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Taking on the role of a genius engineer, Ada, you’ll be lost in a strange new land that’s been thrown into turmoil due to gremlins. To save the world, all Ada needs to do is put an end to these invaders and prevent them from extracting the last of its magical Sparklite.

Sounds straightforward enough until nature is factored in, which is shaking things up as it causes aggressive earthquakes periodically, known as disruptions. These disruptions alter the arrangements and layouts of the world, thus providing new quests, mini-games and challenges to overcome on the road to, ultimately, defeating the rather mysterious ‘Baron’.

Sparklite is set for a fall 2019 release on Xbox One and looks like it’ll be an approachable roguelike, especially considering it draws inspiration from the likes of Rogue Legacy and even classic adventure games such as Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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