dying light godfather dlc

It has to be said that Dying Light isn’t exactly the newest game on the block, having first arriving on the gaming scene way back in 2015. But as the hype meters ramp up in anticipation of Dying Light 2, we still see new content drops arriving for the original game – and this time round we get the opportunity to join the Mob with the Dying Light Godfather DLC.

Available right now to purchase from your favourite digital store to add into Dying Light, the Godfather Bundle lets you play through Dying Light as a hardcore gangster, heading back to a time and era when style and a code of honor were all that was needed.

Complete with a cheap and cheerful £2.39, the Dying Light Godfather DLC will let you kit yourself out with new outfits in the hope of becoming The Don, with a smart suit just the start of proceedings.

Further to that and you’ll find the Godfather Bundle providing new weaponry too, with the Omerta knife granting extra XP, the Vendetta letting you shoot loose with a powerful SMG, and the trusty pistol – the Consigliere – ready for when all else fails.

You’ll find that each of the weapons in this latest Dying Light pack will all come nicely engraved, with gold detailing adorning each and every one. But that’s not all and you’ll also have the chance to cruise around in style with the new Capo buggy – a vehicle fit for the most stylish mobster. Just bear in mind that the customised buggy will require you have the Dying Light: The Following expansion in place.

If you’re up for heading back into the world of Dying Light and reckon that the Godfather Bundle is the temptation you need then get over to the usual digital stores right now. For us it means heading to the Xbox Store.

DLC Description:

Travel back to the romantic golden age of the Mob, when gangsters had style and a code of honor. Put on the smart new outfit and become The Don, dressed to kill and ready to cruise around the family’s turf in the new Capo buggy. Make an example of a snitch with the mesmerizing Omertà (a knife that grants you bonus XP), unleash your wrath with Vendetta (a powerful SMG), and remember you always have your trusty Consigliere (a pistol with some extra damage). All weapons are masterfully engraved and inlaid with gold. Please note, buggy paint job requires Dying Light: The Following expansion pack

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