Throughout their League of Legends careers, every player aspired to play among the best of the best and feel the thrill of carrying a high elo game, but most people never achieve this dream. Fortunately, there is a method known as elo boosting that allows players to easily advance to any rank in League of Legends with a little professional help. In this process, choosing the appropriate boosting website is essential as you don’t want the wrong people messing with your account or your money.

#1 – 10/10

The price – 10/10

The creators of the world’s top smurfing website;, also built, which we rank as the best boosting website on the market. The service’s unbeatable pricing is its first outstanding feature because the base prices they give are the most affordable ones available. In addition, they provide a lot of free options such as offline mode and VPN protection on top of their boosting customization options which are the cheapest ones on the market.

Booster quality – 10/10

Every single booster that works on their website is a Grandmaster+ player, which means that your account will get boosted by one of the best players in the world. This speaks much about the caliber of the boosters as a whole. Their website also boasts the booster match history feature which allows you to inspect the games their boosters recently carried as well as a booster profile page where you can see their ranks and achievements.

Trustworthiness – 10/10

If you include Turbosmurfs, their ratings from prior clients are immaculate, and they have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot in addition to having 40,000+ satisfied clients. 

Customer service – 10/10

The fact that makes this website stand out, apart from the quality of their boosters and their prices, is that their staff is very pleasurable to work with and they provide excellent service all around. Turboboost is run by genuine people who put the needs of their customers above all else, and you can contact them through various channels if you need any assistance

Options / Flexibility – 10/10

Apart from boosting on every LoL region and allowing you to choose the champions and roles, their amazing service allows you to handpick the booster that will boost you from their pool of elite boosters. 

Security – 10/10

The security of your account and credit card are the least of your concerns when purchasing from this website, as they use both VPN protection and offline mode to protect your account and various checkout methods to enable secure and flexible payment.

#2 – 7/10

The price – 7/10

Generally speaking, Odinboosts’s pricing is fairly reasonable for any boost you select, regardless of size. The only drawback is that they charge a little more than the usual boosting website when it comes to other customization options. However, you will also be given other options that are included in the purchase, such as flash key position choice or role selection. 

Booster quality – 4/10

While their boosters are very well rated and ranked highly on their servers, certain customers have made complaints that their boosters disconnected throughout the games and performed poorly. In addition, their boosters have had issues with toxicity before as they’ve been known to call their teammates names before and get accounts restricted.

Trustworthiness – 7/10

Their Trustpilot review page is almost flawless and the vast majority of the reviews are excellent with hundreds of satisfied customers. However, they’ve had a few incidents with their boosters that left clients looking elsewhere. 

Customer service – 8/10

You can contact their staff on numerous platforms and the website has an in-built live chat where you will get the help you need in a matter of minutes.

Options / Flexibility – 7/10

Their service has a lot of variations that will allow you to modify your order for a small fee. The most unique aspect of their offer is the smurf queue option that allows you to be boosted even if your MMR is so high you’re playing against other smurfs.

Security – 8/10

This site is extremely professional as far as the security measures go, both in terms of payment and accounts security. Payment-wise, you’re able to pay with the most secure methods such as PayPal, Stripe, or Crypto, and account-wise, all of their boosters use VPN protection as well as offline mode.

#3 – 6.5/10

The price – 5/10

If you locate one of their daily, limited-edition discount codes on their website, you can generally buy Boosteria’s rates for a very low price. They provide a lot of free intricacies included in the core price of the boost. For example, you can choose the usual special options for free, but the unique aspect is that you can choose private streaming free of charge.

Booster quality –  6/10

All of Boosteria’s boosters are among the top 2% of players on their respective servers and you can find a separate section on their website where you can see all of the information about their boosters, as well as the ratings previous customers left. Taking that into account, certain websites hire only boosters who are Master+ because of their elite skills, which means you can find better boosters elsewhere.

Trustworthiness – 4/10 

There are some questionable aspects when it comes to this website’s reputation and legitimacy. For example, they have very few Trustpilot reviews and only 50% of those reviews are positive, even though the majority of the reviews on their website are positive.

Customer service – 6/10

There are multiple platforms where you can contact their support team if you’re having any issues with the purchase. Customers have generally given their customer service positive feedback, but they haven’t addressed any issues that have been reported on their Trustpilot page.

Options / Flexibility – 7/10

Apart from having the usual special boosting offers, Boosteria provides a free demo game for all of their customers where they can determine if they enjoy the service before committing a purchase.

Security – 7/10

Security won’t be an issue when it comes to this website, especially in terms of payment as you can pay with both Crypto and PayPal. Their boosters use VPN protection but you won’t have an option to instruct your booster to use offline mode as it’s not included in their offer.

#4 – 6/10

The price – 7/10

The base prices for their services are among the best on the market and their prices are competitive for boosting in every major region. On average, their prices are about 30% cheaper than those an average boosting site charges. In addition, they offer free customization options such as Flash key position, champion, and role selection. The only downside of their prices is the priority boost fee which is slightly bigger than what the other sites charge nowadays.

Booster quality – 3/10

The site sadly cannot pride themselves upon their booster’s quality, as a lot of their boosters struggle to complete high elo orders and customers often complain that boosters tank their win rate upon playing. To make matters worse, the site publicly displays their boosters’ games which are often flooded with losses and questionable scores.  

Trustworthiness – 4/10

In general, their website is a seasoned one with a lot of tradition, history, and satisfied customers behind it. That doesn’t prevent them from making mistakes and their Trustpilot page proves that as they have over 17% negative reviews.

Customer service – 2/10

Their customer service often gets blasted for slow answers and general incompetence as they don’t provide the necessary help. In some instances, certain customers have also complained that the support didn’t address their needs properly and didn’t reimburse them when they were dissatisfied with their order.

Options / Flexibility – 6/10 

The pause boost button, which lets you choose the hours in which you want your account to be boosted, is a really helpful aspect of their service, as well as the option to have your match history dynamically updated on their website. Additionally, they provide all of the specialized choices that are typically available, such as role selection, champion selection, and Flash key preference. 

Security – 6/10

All of their boosters utilize VPN protection by default which ensures your account won’t get suspended. Sadly, their service doesn’t offer an offline mode which is useful if you’re trying to get boosted without anyone noticing. As far as payment options go, they use PayPal and Skrill but you cannot use Crypto which can be a nuisance.

#5 – 5.5/10

The price – 5/10

First of all, the general price of their boosts is average, not too high nor too low overall. You can select the champions and roles your respective booster will play for free as they’re included in the base price of the boost. Nevertheless, they have a somewhat higher price for other customizing options like express priority boosting or private streaming than other websites.

Booster quality – 3/10

The boosters they employ are ranked only Master or higher, which is a good indication, and only Challenger boosters are allowed to work on high elo orders. That being said, they don’t display their booster’s accomplishments nor their rank anywhere on the website.

Trustworthiness –  2/10

Although there are no reviews on their page, they claim that they have served over 9.000 satisfied consumers. They do have a Trustpilot page which unfortunately has over 20% negative reviews, complaining about slow service and unskilled boosters.

Customer service – 4/10

Their website offers a free live chat option, and their customer service agents work hard to meet your demands. The only means to contact them is through live chat though, which is frequently insufficient given that they don’t have an email address and a very small FAQ section with little information.

Options / Flexibility – 5/10

Regarding their services’ adaptability, they offer all of the standard boosting options with customizability possibilities, plus a special score normalization option that makes your account appear less suspicious of being boosted.

Security – 7/10

Payment methods are not an issue when it comes to using this site, as you can use services like Stripe and PayPal. On top of that, you can also order their boosters to use VPN protection as well as offline mode if you want your boost to be extremely safe.

#6 – 5/10

The price – 6/10

The fees EB24 charges are one of their saving graces and the best aspects of the website, as they provide some of the cheapest services out there. They also have a discount loyalty program that awards you if you’re a frequent customer.

Booster quality – 1/10

Unfortunately, the reason a lot of players stay away from this site is the boosters that are often incompetent or extremely toxic towards their teammates or the customer itself. They are also well-known for their slow boosting service and boosters that take days to even begin the order.

Trustworthiness – 3/10

It’s a big dice roll when it comes to the quality of this website’s services and their legitimacy. If you’re assigned with a professional booster that takes his job seriously, you’ll be boosted without many complications. On the other hand, if you get a booster that is toxic and slow, you’ll only get a headache and you’re better off climbing yourself instead of getting boosted at that point.

Customer service – 3/10

Their customer service often gets ripped into, especially on Trustpilot where people often complain how the staff gets overly defensive if they’ve made a mistake and they frequently take too long to match the assigned booster with the customer

Options / Flexibility – 6/10

As far as the boosts’ customization goes, EB24 offers all of the regular customization options, some of which are included in the base price of the boost.

Security – 1/10

Financial security is one of the most questionable aspects of their service, most notably because they don’t support PayPal or Crypto. In addition, your account is at permanent risk when you buy from them, as some of their boosters are toxic and can get your LoL account restricted or banned.

#7 – 4/10

The price – 3/10

Most of the services you could find on this site have starting costs that are a lot greater than what typical boosting websites typically charge. There are some positives when it comes to that cost though, one of them being the option to select the champions your booster will use for free.

Booster quality – 3/10

There have been many instances of clients complaining that their boosters did not meet their expectations, especially when it comes to their win rate. A lot of customers have had issues with boosters having only about a 55% win rate throughout the boost, which is not something you want to pay for.

Trustworthiness – 4/10

All of their customers’ reviews are displayed on their website, and even though the majority of them are positive, the most negative ones describe some unprofessional experiences, such as very slow service, additional charges, and toxic boosters. 

Customer service – 4/10

If you’re having any issues with the purchase, you can contact their team via email or live chat. However, it does take quite a while for someone to pick up your live chat message or to respond to your mail and they don’t always provide you with the recompensation if the booster messes up the order with a poor win rate.

Options / Flexibility – 5/10

You can customize your order in great detail on this website and you can even handpick the champions your booster will play for free. Sadly, the flexibility of their offer suffers a great deal because they don’t boost on a lot of the smaller servers such as Turkey, Oceania, or Russia.

Security – 2/10

Should you decide to purchase your boost from this website, you’ll be sadly met with a severe lack of payment options, which only include Stripe and regular credit card transfers. As far as your account goes, all of their boosters use VPN protection by default, but there is no offline mode available.

#8 – 3/10

The price – 2/10

The majority of the services you may find on the website have base prices that are significantly higher than what normal boosting websites bill. On top of that, if you wanted to personalize your purchase with an option such as role selection, you would have to pay an extra fee for each preference you select as there are no free alterations included in the base price.

Booster quality – 3/10

Although the company boasts about the caliber of its boosters, who are reportedly ranked Master or higher, you won’t be able to find their profiles or their accomplishments anywhere on the Boostingboss website. Customers have also expressed frustration with slow boosting services and sluggish boosters who had trouble completing orders.

Trustworthiness – 5/10

One of the website’s selling points is the fact that they have a lot of satisfied customers and you can find a lot of positive reviews on the website or on That being said, some of the customers have left mixed or negative reviews related to the service they’ve been provided with. 

Customer service – 1/10

Customers have frequently complained claiming that the support staff is often unavailable. In addition, the live chat feature on the website usually doesn’t connect you to an agent but uses automated messages until a real agent arrives, which lasts a while.

Options / Flexibility – 2/10

The customization options that this website provides are very poor as they’re limited to the most basic ones, none of which are free apart from Flash key selection. Additionally, the site doesn’t offer priority boosting which is essential for customers that need to get their boost done in a short period.

Security – 3/10

Fortunately, PayPal is an accepted payment method on this website and it ensures the safety of your personal information. However, when it comes to your League of Legends account, they don’t offer offline boosting or any VPN protection to make the boost private and secure.

#9  –  2/10

The price – 3/10

The costs are relatively reasonable for boosts in Latin American servers, especially LAS, which may be the sole saving grace for this boosting website. Unfortunately, a small glance at their prices for EUW or NA boosts will give you a heart attack, they are typically 50% more expensive than those you’d find on a typical boosting service.

Booster quality – 1/10

There have been at least a dozen of instances of negative experiences with Worldboosting’s unskilled boosters as they often tilt and go on a losing streak, ruining the win rate of the account they’re boosting in the process. Furthermore, their boosters are very slow and unreliable, often switching between themselves midway through the boost as they’re unable to complete the order.

Trustworthiness – 1/10

Unfortunately, the website’s credibility suffers as a result of its promotion of rapid boosting services and skilled boosters, both of which frequently leave customers dissatisfied and searching for alternatives. On top of that, they only have a few reviews displayed on their website and no Trustpilot page at all.

Customer service – 1/10

Even though their customer support is supposedly accessible through a variety of channels, non-native Spanish speakers won’t be able to get in touch with anyone. You’re out of luck if you don’t know Spanish because everything on their website is written in Spanish and all of their staff doesn’t speak English at all.

Options / Flexibility – 2/10 

There is very little to say about this site’s flexibility as they provide the most basic boosting variations, including win boosting, provisional, and promotion boosting, with very little customization available for those boosting services.

Security – 3/10

Surprisingly, this site accepts quite a few payment options which ensure your security when you send money, such as PayPal and Skrill. However, their boosters don’t use any VPN protection or offline mode, which can negatively impact your account and even lead to a restriction or a permanent ban.

#10 – 2/10

The price – 2/10

On average, this website charges about 20% more than other boosting websites, along with the fact that no customization options or extras are included in the base price of the boost.

Booster quality – 2/10

Unlike a professional boosting website, Elojobhigh does not provide any detailed information about the ranks of their boosters and they don’t have a dedicated section where you can see their achievements and match history. 

Trustworthiness – 2/10

It’s very difficult to find any reviews of this website on the internet and they don’t have a Trustpilot page where you can read genuine experiences of their previous customers.

Customer service – 1/10

The live chat option on their website, which is the most important if you need immediate help, is fairly useless as you have to wait for a long time for any response. To make matters worse, a lot of the staff speaks only Portuguese and English is not their stronger suit which makes communication very annoying in general.

Options / Flexibility – 1/10

You have very little to no control over your boost, its details, or any intricacies when it comes to this website as there are no customization options upon checkout.

Security – 3/10

You won’t have any issues with paying because their service allows PayPal and bank transfers, but does not support Crypto at all. As far as the security of your account goes, there are no guarantees as their service does not mention any VPN or offline mode usage.