Whether you’re rocking out alone or are part of a band, it’s always good to see new songs hits the Rock Band library – and today a couple of new and free additions are in place.

Available right now are two new tracks for all Rock Band 4 and Rock Band Rivals players to enjoy, with the following now in place:

  • Arctic Horror – Black Seas
  • The Black Cheers – (You’re) Breakin’ Up

As always, if you fancy getting involved with the latest content, either in order to wile away the late summer nights, to keep the party going into the wee hours or just so you can waste five minutes with your favourite bands, then the Xbox Games Store will be able to sort us Xbox gamers out. PS4 Rock Band players will no doubt be able to grab the new tracks from their own digital store too.

A £1.59 price tag normally seems more than reasonable for the joy that new Rock Band 4 songs bring, but this time around both the tracks listed above are available for nothing – provided you have purchased the Rock Band Rivals expansion.

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