If you’re enjoying the whole Call of Duty Ghosts experience then you’ll possibly want to get purchasing some of the new micro items that have gone live today.

Bringing you Personalization Packs, character skins and a whole host of other stuff, the micro items are here to help out the most ardent COD Ghosts player. Available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, they will in no way affect the gameplay balance of Ghosts and are available to those who wish to take their experience on to the next level.

So what do we have?

Captain Price Personalization Pack

Price is back, now as a playable character in both multiplayer and Squads matches. The pack will include the Captain himself, a weapon camo, a player background, a player patch, and reticle all for just £2.39/$3.99 ******

cod ghosts price items


You will also find the campaign Ghosts now available in multiplayer. Keegan, Merrick, Elias, and Hesh will all be available for £0.99/$1.99 each.

cod ghosts merrick

Also coming in at £0.99/$1.99 are the Personalization Packs, each of which includes a weapon camo, a player background, a player patch, and a reticle. Four in all are available, all with fancy camos!

cod ghosts inferno

And finally, if the usual six loadouts per squad member aren’t enough for you, then a £0.99/$1.99 purchase of the Extra Slots Pack will ensure you can set up your guys with ten different loadouts.

If you would like even more details then you could do worse than jump over to see what One of Swords has been saying but otherwise visit the Xbox Games Store to download the packs on your 360 or visit the Games tab on your Xbox One.



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