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Can you crack the case of The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos?


the outer world Murder on Eridanos

Critically acclaimed and award winning, The Outer Worlds went down great guns when it released on Xbox, PlayStation and PC back in October 2019. That base game was then complemented by the Peril on Gorgon expansion in 2020, with more of the same great story, a ton of content, and a raising of the level cap all in place. Now though it’s time to head to The Outer Worlds once more with a Murder on Eridanos. 

Available right now as the second and final story expansion for The Outer Worlds, Murder on Eridanos is playable across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC, with a release on Nintendo Switch primed for later this year. 

Costing £11.99 as a standalone purchase (discount if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber) – remember, you’ll need the base game of The Outer Worlds – or through the Expansion Pass which bundles together Peril on Gorgon too, this latest addition to the universe sees us venturing out to the skies of Eridanos as you go about trying to unravel the mystery at the heart of the grandest murder in the Halcyon colony. 

In Murder on Eridanos, pretty much everyone is a suspect of the murder of Halcyon Helen. It’ll therefore be up to you to unravel the secrets within, uncovering clues with your Discrepancy Amplifier, a semi-sentient device that shows the anomalies and inconsistencies of a crime scene.

Further to that, you’ll find the opportunity to unlock additional dialogue paths and different quest routes with each discovery as your mysterious journey seeing you encountering a host of interesting suspects, famous icons like Helen’s co-stars Spencer Woolrich and Burbage-3001, celebrity athlete Black Hole Bertie of Rizzo’s Rangers, and many more! You’ll need to be on your guard though as behind each eerie smile lurks a dark secret, but press on as your steadfastness is the key to unlocking this case.

“With Murder on Eridanos we set out to unveil more about the memorable cast of The Outer Worlds universe while continuing to put the player front and center in a gripping and intriguing narrative,” said Megan Starks, Game Director at Obsidian Entertainment. “This expansion sheds light on another infamous corporation in a nearly implausible new setting and introduces new mechanics that push how we develop the story. It is a wild ride, and we can’t wait to see the fans’ reactions.” 

“Murder on Eridanos is a perfect climactic closure to this chapter in The Outer Worlds. It delivers on what made the original game great: deep player choice in a fantastic world,” said Michael Worosz, Executive Vice President and Head of Private Division. “Players should expect another riveting and humorous story, whip-smart dialogue, and much more. This expansion is an excellent reason to revisit The Outer Worlds or dive in for the first time.” 

If you’re looking for a reason to head to The Outer Worlds once more, then the Murder on Eridanos should be one to consider. Not only will it bring the new narrative to involve yourself in, but it will once more raise the level cap – this time by three – all whilst unlocking further options in the skill customisations. There will also be new weapons, new lands to explore and much more. 

Key features include:

  • • Murder mystery: Suspicions abound, and it’s up to you to get to the bottom of the murder of Halcyon Helen, the most well-known celebrity in the colony. Use the new Discrepancy Amplifier, your key to solving the case, as it highlights temporal inconsistencies not otherwise seen with the naked eye.
  • • A unique world: Travel among the floating islands of Eridanos, from the luxurious confines of the Grand Colonial Hotel to Rizzo’s colorful groves. But be careful about the smiling employees you encounter, as there’s something dark lingering under the bright and cheerful surface.
  • • New weapons and character customization: Three new science weapons can be added to the player’s arsenal alongside weapon and armor variants to use while solving the case. And increase your level cap by three and employ new perks and flaws to create your most unique character yet.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos is pretty much an easy sell, and if you’re joining us on this trip back into the weird universe will find the digital store of your choosing providing the goods – our favourite is obviously the Xbox Store. 

We’ll have a full review on how this Murder on Eridanos plays out for you soon too. 

DLC Description:

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos is the second narrative expansion to the critically acclaimed and award-winning sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division. Venture to the skies of Eridanos and unravel the grandest murder mystery in the Halcyon colony! Everyone is a suspect in this peculiar whodunit after Rizzo’s hired spokesperson, the famous Halcyon Helen, winds up dead ahead of the release of the brand-new Spectrum Brown vodka. Alongside your companions, travel across the floating islands of Eridanos and piece together clues using the Discrepancy Amplifier, a new gadget that highlights otherwise unseen hints. There’s more to this mystery than meets the eye, and it’s up to you (and your crew, if you choose) to solve the case.

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