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Casinos in Western Australia: How Many You Can Access Right Now


Western Australia is expanding at a high-speed rate. It has a lively, international way of life and a gaming scene that keeps growing for online casino players in Western Australia. Western Australian casinos are places where you can gamble. But the question is how many casinos in Western Australia are functional? Crown Perth, formerly Burswood Entertainment Complex, is the only full-service casino in the area. Foreigners may be surprised that Perth Western Australia has so few gambling resort complexes since the state takes up a third of the country’s land mass.

Betting in Western Australia’s History

In Western Australia, the first cases of organized gaming were recorded in the middle of the 19th century. Gambling quickly spread and became a passion for people from all walks of life. It was against the law, and even the first gaming machines, which came out in the early 1900s, were illegal. But they quickly became prevalent in many bars and clubs. At some point, even wealthy people became interested in this fun and set up clubs for males.

It seemed inevitable that the government would eventually legalize gambling, although under severe regulations. Back in the 19th century, when there was no TV or Internet, racing was usually a way for wealthy people to pass the time. Since bookmakers were making a lot of Aussie dollars, this fun also needed to be made legal. Gambling became allowed in Australia and Washington (WA) in 1956, and the first online casinos opened in the late 1990s.

The Crown Perth Casino

Crown Perth is a hotel and gambling resort complex run by Crown Limited. It is on the Swan River in Burswood, just outside of Perth. At any given time, 12 table games occur in the casino. Blackjack, roulette, electronic versions of real money casino games mainstays in the Rapid series, three baccarat variations, land-based casinos poker games including Casino War, Texas Hold’Em, Caribbean Stud Poker, Two-Up, Sic Bo, and Pai Gow, and many more can all be found within the Crown’s table game selection.

Visitors to the Crown complex may play in No Limit Hold ‘Em tournaments with buy-ins of as little as AUD 50, or they can join ring games that run from midday throughout the week until 6 AM on the weekends. There are just under 2,000 electronic machine games in the casino. However, Western Australia does not allow standard pokies or other games with moving reels.

Nowadays, people in Australia are seeking to play at legit online casinos, and fortunately, there are many reputable options available. These legitimate online casinos offer Australian players the chance to enjoy a secure gaming experience on their computers, tablets, or smartphones. Players can choose from a vast selection of real money online games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and more.

For those seeking online casinos with a lower entry barrier, viable options exist. If you’re interested in exploring such opportunities, you can find a list of 10 minimum deposit casinos on the site. This enables players to commence their gaming journey with a more modest initial deposit, offering a chance to gauge the experience before committing to larger investments. This approach caters to those who prefer starting with a conservative bankroll while still enjoying the excitement of online pokie machine games on the site.

Western Australia: Some Facts

There are a few factors you should know about gaming in Western Australia, just to be safe:

  • While certain casino games may be restricted from locals playing at international sites, this is only sometimes true. The major guideline of this confusing legislation is that casinos cannot provide players with interactive poker games in which the result of the game or the player’s winnings rely on the player’s actions. So, some local casinos can serve local players but only offer a limited number of games like blackjack. For instance, Western Australians may need help to locate a real-life casino.
  • Online sports betting must end before the event begins, and people who want to bet from a distance must call the bookmaker. For this reason, most people prefer to watch races on TV or at the track rather than gamble them online.
  • Poker is very popular among bettors in WA, as it is everywhere else in the world. However, since it is more of an involved game, players in WA should use platforms from other countries.

Gambling Laws in WA

Australia as a whole and WA, in particular, have a lot of rules about gambling and games. Since the middle of the last century, gambling has been legal, and the industry is tied to hundreds of other factors, such as tax payments and unlawful facilities, so this is only fair and sensible. In addition, as the Internet and other virtual platforms have evolved, the government has had to address additional concerns around taxation, fair play, winning payouts, and the safety of players’ personal information.

Several rules about gaming apply to all parts of Australia, not just WA. There’s the Betting Act from 1964, the Casino Control Act from 2006, the Gaming Machine Act from 2004, the Interactive Gambling Act from 1998, and the Race and Sports Bookmaking Act from 2001.

How to Choose an Online Casino

There are a lot of online Western Australia casinos with games to select from, but not all of them are good. In the digital age, there are many dangers on the internet, so it’s best to check multiple sites before putting your money on them. Here are some ideas on how to select a safe online casino.

Consider what you want The games at online casinos are fun, and many give you good chances to win. Consider what kind of game you want to play before signing up.
Website Safety Check to see how well the site is safe against hacking and other things that could go wrong. There are reviews of these casinos on different websites, so check them out before you play on a dangerous website.
Compatibility of Devices Device connectivity is also an important thing to think about since not all websites are set up for mobile viewing. Also, if you want to avoid using your phone to play, choose the ones that work with your other device.
RTP Check the return-to-player ratio (RTP) as well. This can help you determine if a game pays out enough to make it worth your time. Some games have a high RTP (over 90%), while others have a low RTP (around 70%). So, to make more money, you should always look for games with a high RTP ratio.

Other Important Things to Look for in a Casino

There are some other important things to pay attention for:

  • Bonuses: Check out the deals that are offered online before you choose one. Before signing up for one of these bonuses, read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Limits: Every good casino has a cap on how much money can be put in or taken out simultaneously. Before joining an online casino, you should always check it to ensure it’s not a scam.
  • Help for customers: Any good gaming site will have customer service available via email, phone, live chat, etc., 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any questions, customer service is a great place because they can help with most things.


There are few brick-and-mortar sites in Western Australia, but people who live or visit there can play at any online casino they want if they don’t want to go to Perth. In fact, the number of gaming websites is growing quickly, and Aussie players can get a bigger piece of the action by going on to their favourite sites from any internet-connected device. Local online betting casinos in WA can’t offer their services to local gamblers, but players can still use them because the websites market themselves to gamblers worldwide.

So, Western Australia might not be as appealing to people who like to gamble in real-world casinos, but it’s not much different from other states regarding internet gambling. At first, it may be hard to choose a casino because there are so many. To discover the best suits you, read reviews and compare casinos.

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