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It was just a few short weeks ago when virtual anglers were giving the chance to cast their rods into the wonders of Lake Williams, taking in the Californian sun and hooking a new catch. Well, today we see Fishing Sim World move the stakes up a level as we get the chance to cast off into the Lake of the Beast with the latest Fishing Sim World content.

The Lake of the Beast, or Jezioro Bestii as it is possibly better known, sees us head to Poland in order to prove our angling worth on an 18-acre lake that is full of monster catches.

Priced up at £8.99, or available as part of the Fishing Sim World Quad Lake Pass, the Jezioro Bestii content allows the chance to grab pike that come in at over 50lbs, 85lb heavy catfish and zander weighing in at 20lbs plus.

With these sizes of fish on the table and ready for battle, you’ll quickly understand how the strongest gear is required, whilst patience and perseverance will be key in your long landing battles.

Jezioro Bestii isn’t just home to the biggest of fish though and you’ll also find a bit of bream, tench, roach, perch and more happily swimming about and waiting for a hook. In all, the Lake of the Beast brings 13 different species and 25 trophy fish to track down. Can you land them?

If you wish to give them a go then you’ll need to head to the Xbox Store and grab the Fishing Sim World: Jezioro Bestii content right now. Unless of course you’ve already got that previously mentioned Quad Lake Pass.

If you wish to know more about the game, our full review of Fishing Sim World on Xbox One will sort you out.

DLC Description:

Jezioro Bestii or ‘Lake of the Beast’ is an 18-acre lake in the mountains of Poland. This scenic forest lake is a specialist predator venue and has become famous for its monstrous residents including pike to over 50lbs, zander to over 20lbs and catfish to 85lbs. Strong equipment and patience is needed if you hook one of these monsters, but the catch of a lifetime is a real possibility – just mind those teeth when holding the fish! That’s not all that this venue has to offer: there are also a number of coarse fish to go for including carp to over 40lbs, bream, tench, roach, rudd and perch. With 13 different species to catch and 25 trophy fish to track down and successfully land, all your skill and versatility will be needed to become a master of this venue.

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