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Catch ’em all with My Time at Sandrock and the Monster Whisperer expansion


My Time at Sandrock Monster Whisperer keyart
My Time at Sandrock Monster Whisperer is available today

If you enjoyed your time as a Sandrock builder as much as we did, you’ll no doubt be excited to hear about a couple of new additions to My Time at Sandrock. Rolling out today is a huge monster-catching update for all, accompanied by the Monster Whisperer DLC. 

My Time at Sandrock is the farming RPG hit that was delivered to the world across Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC late in 2023. Following on from the brilliant My Time at Portia, it went down extremely well – so much so that we chucked a 4/5 review score onto it

It’s time to catch ’em all in Sandrock

Since that time, Sandrock has been expanded on with a huge new update earlier this year, built on again by today’s drop. It adds in a plethora of adorable monsters in the Monster Whisperer DLC as you get the opportunity to dive into a new, exciting chapter of your Builder’s journey and forge special bonds with delightful creatures. Yep, it’s time to make new friends…

With the Monster Whisperer DLC in My Time at Sandrock you’ll get to gain access to a suite of exclusive tools tailored for capturing and nurturing your newfound companions. From there, you’ll be found venturing into the wild to find your next best ally and prepare to encounter a diverse roster of creatures, each with its own charm and quirks.

It’s here where you’ll tame the majestic Yakmel or the fiery Cock-a-doodle-Doom, befriend the affectionate Pensky or the nimble Thorny Jumper. These adorable new friends will add a whole new layer of excitement to your Sandrock daily Builder life as you interact, take care, and manage your pets with ease. That will be the case regardless of whether you’re enjoying the first eight pets included as part of the free Seasonal Content or if you’re delving into the full experience through the Monster Whisperer DLC, with up to 50 companions to manage!

Decide which companions to bring on your adventures, feed and train them to enhance their strengths, and adorn them with cute decorations to reflect their unique personalities.

Key features of the free and paid DLC

As a player enjoying the free content you will be able to:

  • Befriend, adopt and fight alongside the well-known pets of Sandrock: Nemo, Coco, Macchiato, Meerkat, Fennec, Captain, Lil Gecko and X, Fang’s crow! 
  • Access the encyclopedia tab to learn more about them, their personalities and feelings
  • Track their stats to train and level them up
  • Add accessories to your pet friends to create the most stylish fight crew
  • Play a new Minigame: Sand Buggy Circuit
  • Be challenged in the Dead Sea Ruins with two new levels 
  • and much more!

But you can go deeper with the Monster Whisperer DLC, expanding the adventure further by:

  • Unlocking a new category of companions – Monsters! Yesterday’s foes become today’s friends: Jack Box, Rockyenaroll, Desert Viper, Bumble Ant and many more to add to your team
  • Obtaining the trapping tool to capture stronger and rarer pets
  • Finding your fighting’s style – stronger friends will give you a hand to fight and dominate even harder foes.

Get access now

You’ll need the base game of My Time at Sandrock in place prior to being able to embark on this ultimate pet-taming adventure. The game is currently available on Steam and Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S (let us link you to the Xbox Store) and PlayStation 5.

The Monster Whisperer DLC content is currently exclusive to Single Player mode. If you want to get involved in that, hit up the relevant page from your favourite digital storefront. Again, the Xbox Store page is our favourite – it’ll cost you £5.79. 

My Time at Sandrock Monster Whisperer Description

Embark on an exciting adventure in Sandrock! Utilize professional tools to discover and capture a diverse array of adorable monsters, forming special bonds with each one. Your pet adventure begins now! Upon purchasing the DLC, unlock exclusive tools specially designed for capturing a delightful array of monsters in Sandrock. From the affectionate Pensky to the nimble Thorny Jumper, these additions will elevate your workshop adventure, enhancing your journey with newfound enjoyment.

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