Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager – What are the big changes for the 2023 games?

We’ve been hands-on with Tour de France 2023 on Steam, as well as the less exciting (for us) Pro Cycling Manager 2023 and whilst our full review will come around closer to the June 8th 2023 release, we’ve seen enough here to be able to provide a little insight. 

We fished for naked men in one-button marathon SUPER 56, and soon it’s your turn

Have you played Angry Birds with yoga instructors? Or experienced a fishing minigame where there are men on the end of the line? Thanks to SUPER 56, you might get the chance. 

Go-Go Town! teaches us that people are just noodle-hungry litter-bugs

Indications are positive. Our time with Go-Go Town! was slight and short, but there were enough surprises in the city-building to reassure us that it would be just as charming as Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles and Grow: Song of the Evertree.

Donning the leathers of MotoGP 23

We've grabbed the skid lid, donned the leathers and jumped astride some of the fastest MotoGP bikes on the earth with MotoGP 23 ahead of it releasing on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

Choosing our destiny with Harmony: The Fall of Reverie – DON’T NOD’s new narrative adventure

Harmony: The Fall of Reverie is the new narrative adventure game from DON’T NOD, developers well-known for their powerful and immersive narrative games. We got to play the first two chapters of the game, due to release in June 2023.

Spending time in the eye-catching world of Out of Line

Developed by Nerd Monkeys and published by Hatinh Interactive, Out of Line is an adventure platformer with a heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving. With no dialogue or text boxes, the narrative of the game is told through details in the background and the actions of the characters. Which makes sense, given that the most eye-catching aspect of Out of Line is the art style - the entire game is in a hand-drawn 2D style; this includes the characters, animations, and backgrounds.

Taking a look at the punishing attacks of Eldest Souls

What is Eldest Souls? Well, it’s a strange beast to try to explain. Imagine Dark Souls, with an isometric top-down view, and with no little enemies, just the bosses. With me so far? Now imagine that game with perfectly executed pixel art graphics in a 16-bit style, and you’re about halfway there.

Taking an early look at ELEX II

We were recently invited to a hands-off presentation of upcoming action-RPG sequel ELEX II, shown a quick video of some early gameplay footage and given the chance to ask some questions afterwards. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to get us mildly excited for this upcoming release that offers a lot of promise.

Spending time with Super Animal Royale through Xbox Game Preview – Not a Pawful Idea

I think that the battle royale genre is here to stay. Sure, upcoming titles like Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 have said that they won’t be including any battle royale modes, but the currently popular battle royales like Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite show no sign of slowing down. That popularity means we’ll definitely keep seeing battle royale games pop up, and I surely hope they continue to be as inventive as Super Animal Royale.

Looking back to 1996 and the power of Quake

In 1993, Id Software revolutionized the first person shooter genre with Doom. Finally, in 1996 the studio was ready for a proper follow-up. Needless to say there was a lot to live up to, especially for it to succeed. Arguably just as revolutionary and fantastic as its spiritual predecessor, Quake came out as another huge success - both critically and commercially.

Sable has the potential to be among 2021’s very best of games

Sable has the potential to be one of the year’s best releases - if it plays its cards right.

Don’t just ride, tinker – RiMS Racing takes things to the nth degree

Very soon another bike-fuelled adrenaline rush will be hitting console and PC with the launch of RiMS Racing. And it’s looking like Milestone are going to have a fight on their hands to stay at the top of the bike game.

It’s all about the history in WRC 10

With the FIA World Rally Championship celebrating a half century of action, the time is right for KT Racing and Nacon to really push the boat out with the official videogame of the most intense of motorsport sectors. And that’s exactly what is preparing to happen with the upcoming release of WRC 10 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, as it’ll all be about the history of the sport.

Wheeling, dealing and mutating in Let’s Build a Zoo

Whenever a developer attempts to create a sim game with a zoo setting, it’s always going to make you think of and compare it to the pinnacle - Zoo Tycoon. That’s certainly the case for Springloaded and their upcoming zoo building management sim, Let’s Build a Zoo. To be fair though, there’s a bit of Jurassic World Evolution about it too as it features genetic aspects like DNA splicing. Having gained Beta access to an early build, I must say the future looks very promising for Let’s Build a Zoo. Especially if you’re interested in taking the more questionable roots to succeed in management.

EA and Codemasters on track for the finest F1 experience yet with F1 2021

When EA went big and splashed out the cash on the acquisition of Codemasters, the lines were drawn for the F1 series of titles to begin to reach all new heights. And even though it’s probably too early for any proper navigation from the EA team to help Codies with their push to provide another stellar F1 experience in the upcoming F1 2021, it’s fair to say that the game is still most definitely on track to be the finest F1 title yet.

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