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It’s all about the history in WRC 10


With the FIA World Rally Championship celebrating a half century of action, the time is right for KT Racing and Nacon to really push the boat out with the official videogame of the most intense of motorsport sectors. And that’s exactly what is preparing to happen with the upcoming release of WRC 10 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, as it’ll all be about the history of the sport. 

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Well, that’s not exactly true as WRC 10 will, as you would expect to hear, take everything that Nacon and KT have learnt from the plethora of WRC titles from over the years – WRC 7, WRC 8 and WRC 9 (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions) – to create what is seen as the finest WRC gaming experience yet. We’ll find out whether that is true come release on September 2nd 2021, but after being invited by the teams to check out the game ahead of time, we’re pretty sure they are on the right track. 

WRC 10 plays massively on the 50th anniversary of the WRC, taking all that has been good about the sport over the years and combining it with KT Racing’s knowledge to create a super deep WRC title. 

It goes without saying that multiple game modes will be present at launch, with solo players being able to embark on a deep career, take in the chance to mess around with quick play options, enjoy full seasons, discover a ton of challenges AND to race through some of the added 50th anniversary goodies. Most of this speaks for itself, especially should you have taken in the likes of WRC 9 or WRC 8 in previous years. It’s the 50th anniversary content that is super exciting though as WRC 10 gives the chance to play through some of the most legendary moments from WRC history, with the KT team picking out moments and scenarios going back over the years to 1973, covering everything from the early years, Group B, Group A, WRC and Modern WRC events. 

WRC 10 Screenshot 3

There will also be historic events and rallies to enjoy too, with no less than seven of the latter promised at launch, and five more rolling out post-release day. You see, it’s not just about the current WRC season in WRC 10 and this whole half century birthday party is allowing the development team to create the most diverse WRC game yet. It’s quite possibly their most important WRC game too; I mean, you’ve got to be able to celebrate in style, eh?!

Expect cars too – plenty of cars – both in standard and legendary form. This will mean we see the likes of the iconic 1997 Subura Impreza WRC, the Audi Quattro, the gorgeous Lancia Stratos and everyone’s favourite, the Ford Escort MkII, amongst many others. In fact, if a motor has won a real-world WRC championship at least once, you can expect to see it included in WRC 10 and that helps build out the 52 team and 22 car roster. Pretty much everything is covered away from the historic angle too – WRC, WRC 2, WRC 3 and Junior WRC will all be present. When you consider that more than 120 stages (50 of which are brand new) will also be included, and well, you can see how the excitement builds. 

There is more though and WRC 10 will feature a brand new Create Your Own Team mode, with elements unlocked as you work through the Historic races, ensuring that you have a grip on what is needed to boss your own team. With full improvements to both the physics system (new suspension model, new aero features, advanced chassis management and better engine management) and tech used (for instance, KT are keen to point out the new audio for nearly all cars), and this is certainly a deep representation of the WRC world. 

WRC 10 Screenshot 1

Of course, no racer is complete without multiplayer elements and WRC 10 is no slacker there either. Online racing, full lobbies, Clubs, co-driver co-op, split-screen play and daily, weekly and special challenges will continue to keep players busy. There will also be the now standard Photo Mode, a new Livery Editor, and free post-launch updates in the form of new cars, new stages, new anniversary events and new features. Things will continue to excite way past that launch day. 

After being thoroughly impressed by the more recent WRC outings, we’re very much looking forward to getting behind the wheel of WRC 10 when it drops on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC come September 2nd 2021. Will you be joining us?

Massive thanks go out to Nacon and KT Racing for giving us further insight into their ideas for WRC 10. Make sure you take in the latest trailer too – the Acropolis Rally in Greece awaits…

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