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There are times when all you want in life is simplicity. And that is what OVIVO is promising to bring as it launches on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch at a cheap and cheerful asking price of £5.79, OVIVO comes from the development team at IzHard with the console publishing side of things handled by Sometimes You.

But what does it bring? Well, this platformer certainly looks to deal with the basics well, and with a simple black and white visual look, it is left to you to harness the power of gravity to move between the colours. See, in OVIVO white sees gravity point down, whilst in the black areas it’ll be reversed, seeing you build momentum and swiftly moving from one colour to the next with a simple flow.

The art style is complemented well with an ambient soundtrack, almost no text, and a story that is told through the visuals and gameplay mechanics alone. It helps that there are a ton of secret images and optical illusions to hunt down too.

Features include:

  • Flow mechanics. In white, gravity points downward, in black – upward. Because momentum is preserved when transitioning from one color to another, OVO can float along their border as if being carried by a flow.
  • Fascinating art. The allegorical world of OVIVO is full of hidden images and optical illusions.
  • Meditative ambient soundtrack by Brokenkites.
  • Design without words. There is almost no text in the game and the story is told through gameplay and visuals

Got a little spare cash and wish to give OVIVO a go? You should be found heading to your favoured digital store right this very minute. That obviously means the Xbox Store is the next port of call for Xbox One gamers.

If you are unsure, and wish to hold tight for a review, then make sure you keep an eye out for ours. We’ll have some thoughts surround OVIVO on Xbox One coming your way very soon.

Game Description:

OVIVO is a mesmerizing platformer with unusual mechanics where everything is as simple as black and white. It is a metaphorical game filled with illusions and hidden messages. In the world of OVIVO, Black and White exist in harmony. By constantly intertwining and replacing each other, they maintain balance. The main character named OVO was born of these two halves and has the ability to switch between them. OVO travels through the metaphorical world, overcoming dangers and collecting mysterious symbols. These symbols will help you unravel the story of this world, but how you interpret it is completely up to you.

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