rise of the slime

Fancy becoming the hero that no one saw coming? In Rise of the Slime you’ll be able to be just that hero. 

Having been found kicking around on PC through Steam in Early Access form for over two years, Rise of the Slime has been announced for release on Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S), PlayStation (point to PS4 and PS5), Nintendo Switch and full drop on PC. 

Coming from the team at Bunkovsky games, and pushed out to market by the publishing team of Playstack – they previously behind the brilliant Mortal Shell – Rise of the Slime is a strategic roguelike deckbuilder that just so happens to come with a charming, rather cheeky, style to boot. 

When it hits console and PC expect to find Rise of the Slime offering up a mix of deep tactical deck building, with the chills of a side scrolling adventure. It’ll see you playing out as a squidgy hero who just so happens to find themselves in an enchanted and dangerous world. it is here where you’ll have to help this Slime beat the odds, playing hands of super-powerful cards as turn-based positional combat plays out. Your goal? To defeat and take down a bunch of baddies. 

There will be much to admire about Rise of the Slime. Fancy hats will be present, pet companions can be yours, and the beautiful exotic lands you frequent will take you across fire swamps, through marshlands and across gardens; gardens populated by sexy radishes, of course. 

With plenty of gameplay modifiers to hand, and a visually appealing art style, if you’re in the market for a new deck builder, Rise of the Slime could well be one to consider. 

Features include:

  • Turn-based combat alongside real-time exploration, offering a unique mix of roguelike and deckbuilder. 
  • Positional mechanics, matching your wits against enemies. Strategically quick step, push, and flip behind enemies to gain the advantage in combat. Use your cards wisely!
  • A visually appealing art style, with striking, colorful characters, cards and environments.
  • Extensive replay value with gameplay mutators, shifting routes and hundreds of deck build variations (100 magical cards at launch!). Each playthrough of Rise of the Slime is different!

We’ll be sure to follow with a full release date as and when we can. For now though hit up the Early Access gameplay over on Steam and watch the announcement trailer below. Let us know what you think too – the comments are below. 

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