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It’s been nearly 2 years since we first saw Cities: Skylines hit console with the Xbox One Edition, and in that time we’ve seen the city sim/builder go from strength to strength. Now though it’s time for Cities: Skylines to really kick on, with the introduction of a brand new bundle and new DLC.

Available right now on Xbox One is the Cities: Skylines – Mayor’s Edition, a version of the game that really does allow you to have it all.

Priced up at £64.99, the Mayor’s Edition of Cities: Skylines delivers pretty much everything that you will ever need to be able to become a successful city creator. That means the original base game is included alongside all the previously released content from Season 1 of the game, plus everything that will be hitting us Xbox One gamers square in the face with Season 2.

For instance, that will see you able to access the likes of the Mass Transit expansion, and Snowfall addition right now, whilst downloading the newly released Green Cities add-on will see you given access to 350 more assets to build the future homes of your dreams. Further still, the Parklife and Industries expansions will be yours when they release later in the year, along with multiple new radio stations.

If you’d prefer to not run down the route of what the Mayor has to say, or have the base game of Cities: Skylines in place already, then you can also grab the extra content additions separately. We have detailed all the Cities: Skylines Season 1 add-ons previously, but today sees more arrive. Green Cities will set you back £10.39 whilst the Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia is considerably cheaper at just £3.99 – it is this which will bring 80 brand new residential units inspired by cities from around Europe.

Full details of each pack can be found below.

You can also purchase the Season Pass 2 for Cities: Skylines for £31.99, whilst the Premium Edition 2 will drop in the base game and Season 2 content for £49.99.

However you decide to run your life, Cities: Skylines has something for you. Make sure you check out our full review of the base game right now if you are looking for something a little different to the norm. We reckon you’ll very much like what you find. With the game available on Xbox Game Pass, you’d be crazy to miss it.

Cities: Skylines – Mayor’s Edition Description:

You CAN have it all! The Cities: Skylines Mayor’s Edition has everything console players need to take their city-building skills to new heights. Along with the base game, this bundle features some of the game’s most popular content add-ons, including all the content from Season Pass 1, and everything to come throughout 2019 with Season Pass 2. Bundle up and save on everything Cities: Skylines, and everything to come! Season Pass 2 holders will have immediate access to Green Cities and European Suburbia at launch in January 2019, and the remaining DLC will be available upon release throughout the year. New content will be available for download from the store. Season Pass 1 Contents: Snowfall (full expansion) Natural Disasters (full expansion) Mass Transit (full expansion) High Tech Buildings (content creator pack) Art Deco (content creator pack) Relaxation Station (radio stations pack) Rock City Radio (radio stations pack) The new Cities: Skylines Season Pass will launch with Green Cities and European Suburbia in January 2019, and remaining DLC will be available upon release throughout the year. Season Pass 2 Contents: Green Cities (full expansion) European Suburbia (content creator pack) Parklife (full expansion) Country Road Radio (radio station pack) All That Jazz (radio station pack) Industries (full expansion) Synthetic Dawn Radio (radio station pack)

Green Cities Description:

Cities: Skylines – Green Cities adds new ways for players to build earth-friendly towns. The expansion adds 350 new assets to the core game, adding a massive selection of new visual options, complete with eco-friendly buildings, organic shops, electric vehicles, and new services designed to make pollution a quaint notion of the past. Players can create more diversified cities, or go completely green as the urban population grows. New in-game services and buildings arrive alongside revisions to noise and environmental pollution, making the skies safer for Chirper at last. Key Features: ● Story to Story, Building to Building, Street to Street: New Eco-Friendly Buildings, New specialization buildings, new alternative service buildings, new unique buildings, electric cars, new parks – 350 new assets in all giving a unique new look to your city. ● I Wish I Was Special, You’re So Very Special: New specialized options for all city zones, plus leveled-up specializations for the first time in Cities: Skylines. ● So What So What So What’s the Scenario: 3 new scenarios, 4 new policy options, and a new Monument to make your friends Green with envy. ● Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear More Stylish: Of course we’ve included a new hat for Chirper.

Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia Description:

European Suburbia, the newest content creator theme pack for Cities: Skylines is bringing the suburban fantasy of Europe to city builders around the world. Players can expand their city with 80 new special residential buildings and props, straight from modder Samantha “Avanya” Woods, inspired by cities throughout Europe, including England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Holland!


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