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Just a few short weeks ago Dovetail Games gave us the opportunity to ride the rails with the addition of the SouthEastern High Speed line from London St Pancras out to Faversham. It’s pretty safe to say that due to the level of detail included, this would have been a railway fanatic’s dream. Now though things get better still with the arrival of a new engine – the BR Class 465. 

The workhorse of the London & South East line, the BR Class 465/9 is now present in Train Sim World 2. It comes with a price tag of £11.99, but for that cash you’ll find yourself being able to take charge of one of the most iconic trains in the UK. 

Having first seen the Networker family appearing on the scene in the 1980s, the BR Class 465 rolled out into service in 1992, running the lines between London and Kent with ease. But then in 2005, a 1st Class system was added in, letting the unit head out to further suburban and coastal towns – that was the 465/9. 

Since that time we’ve had the BR Class 465/9 in full service, working the Southeastern route. And now it’s time for you to do the same in Train Sim World 2. Granted, you’ll have to have already picked up the previous Southeastern line DLC – and that comes with a £24.99 price tag – so to involve yourself fully isn’t going to be cheap. But then we know that with anything related to Train Sim World. 

If you do wish to give this train a little run out, head on over to your favoured digital store right now. Ours is the Xbox Store and it is there where we’ll find the new Train Sim World 2 BR Class 465/9 DLC present. You’ll also find the base game itself, and the DLC available on PS4 and PC.

DLC Description:

Climb aboard the workhorse of London & South East commuting with the iconic “Kent Link Networker”, the BR Class 465/9, which is ready to take power on Southeastern High Speed. Work passenger services through the Medway towns and experience this refreshed 1990s classic.

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