What do you get when you combine competitive local multiplayer brawling with classic pinball elements? Pinbrawl of course and it’s going to be a reimagining of pinball as you know it.

Developed by the small but passionate team at Northern Heart, Pinbrawl lets up to four players compete against each other on multi-sided pinball tables using Pinbrawlers, which are basically wacky, wobbly creatures from all across the galaxy. The momentum of these flailing Pinbrawlers must be harnessed to whack the ball through your opponent’s flippers, with the aid of paddles and bumpers, in order to score. It’ll even be a 3D experience, with enhanced verticality allowing players to hit the ball over the flippers too. A cute cast of eight playable characters are present as well, alongside eight charming stages and a variety of different game modes.

Pinbrawl is a local multiplayer deathmatch style title with exciting and innovative gameplay, featuring cartoon-like action and hilarious physics-based characters, whilst also ensuring the whole experience is easy enough to grasp and that the overall aim is simply to have a lot of fun. Given that it’s suitable for all ages, it could be an ideal choice for a family get together or to earn bragging rights on with mates. When it releases later this year for Xbox One and PC, you’ll be able to claim the ultimate accolade of being an intergalactic pinball gladiator!

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