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Create your dream garden with Garden Simulator


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Looking after a garden can be fun and rewarding, but it takes time, and who wants to spend their spare time mowing or weeding? With Garden Simulator you get to experience all the joys of gardening without any of the boring bits.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, joining a previous PC release, in Garden Simulator you’ll get to rock up onto your own piece of land before planting and nurturing your choice of plants. From there comes the chance to place decorative items to create the garden of your dreams and harvest your rewards to make a profit.

Of course, the richer your harvest, the more money you will have to expand your green paradise. And it is then when you’ll get the chance to rinse and repeat until bored.

Garden Simulator should well suit the most green-fingered of gamers, with key features sitting as:

  • PLANT a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and decorate your garden with a colorful array of flowers
  • CARE for your plants, OBSERVE the growth stages and HARVEST the fruits. Whether it’s strawberries, lettuce or different types of flowers – the variety of plants makes your garden unique.
  • DESIGN your garden as you please! Place your flowers and vegetable beds and frame them with different fence elements. Hedges, furniture and many different items in numerous designs will turn your piece of land into a unique vacation spot.
  • KEEP your garden CLEAN! Not only at the beginning will you find trash in your garden that needs to be removed, but also during the game your efforts to keep it clean will be rewarded! Mow your lawn and turn your property into a gardener’s dream.
  • EARN money and spend it! The more fruits and flowers you sell, the more money you have available to invest in better tools, new plant varieties and more.
  • HAVE FUN and experiment with realistic physics! Throw the design items around, place them as you like, build towers of fences or hedges, and do lots of crazy things you probably wouldn’t do in a “real” garden. There are almost no limits to your imagination. 

The release trailer below gives you are good idea about what to expect from Garden Simulator.  

A big hit on PC, gaining very positive reviews after its release in 2022, Garden Simulator is now released as a console edition onto Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Give our review of Garden Simulator on Xbox Series X|S a read – we’ll let you know if it is worth heading into the garden

You can buy and download it now from the Xbox store for £22.49, or check out the other stores to purchase it on other consoles. And if this garden doesn’t appeal, perhaps the likes of Cloud Gardens will.


The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. Fresh vegetables, healthy fruits and beautiful flowers – now you have the chance to take care of your own allotment and harvest the crops. Boredom at home is a thing of the past – today you’ll enjoy nature. Cultivate your own virtual garden, take care of the plants, then harvest and sell them. With Garden Simulator you’ll get your own patch of land, place decorational elements, and nurture the plants, before you harvest them. The richer your yield, the more you can sell and the more money you can spend to enhance your piece of paradise. With countless unlockable features and additional content, your green thumb will be challenged to the max! Lawnmower, watering can and seedlings are waiting for you – get ready for a beautiful and relaxing time in nature. And don’t forget: Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.

Gemma Young
Gemma Younghttp://www.snapshotscience.co.uk
I'm a part-time gamer and a full-time writer of science-y things. On the few odd occasions that I'm able to wrestle the Xbox controller away from the avid gamers in my family, I enjoy spending time playing puzzle and adventure games.
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