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Groovier than ever before, Crypto returns as Destroy All Humans! 2 gets fully Reprobed.

Hot on the heels of 2020’s remake of the original Destroy All Humans!, comes the title that initially followed way back in 2006. Yep, such was the demand for Crypto’s return that THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games have come together to ensure that the alien invasion is groovier than ever before, with the release of Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed

Taking what was brilliant about the original release of Destroy All Humans! 2, Reprobed slaps on a stunningly brilliant visual style, as the game is rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4 to ensure it has never looked better. But what’s more is that all the finest Crypto skins from the first game (and some more) are in place, as is the chance to customise your flying saucer. What do you mean you’ve never wanted to customise a flying saucer?

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed whisks us back to the 1960s as Crypto rocks up to invade Earth once more, looking to destroy all humans as he does so, taking revenge on the KGB for taking down your beloved Mothership. The problem is, to progress and blend in, you’ll need to become friends – close friends – with the very species you are looking to destroy. 

If you’ve never played Destroy All Humans! 2 previously, then we wholeheartedly recommend you jump in here with the Reprobed version. Whilst our full review is fast incoming, what we can tell you right now is that not only does it look brilliant, full of colour and snazz, but it’s a funny old game too; one focused on the hippy lifestyle of the swinging 60s. It’s also a world that you won’t have to enjoy alone, with local split-screen play pushing forth the full story. 

The key features you’ll need to concern yourself with include:

  • Show those hippies who’s boss using classic weapons and new technology like the Meteor Shower
  • Explore 1960’s Mother Earth and unload your trusty saucer all over her fictional cities
  • Defend a much larger, much more open world from those who seek to undermine your mission
  • Hoover up humans from different countries and grind them up into DNA cocktails to upgrade your skills
  • Invite a friend over for a twosome and enjoy the full story in local 2-player split screen co-op

Fully optimised for next-gen consoles and playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed comes in a variety of flavours; Standard Edition for £34.99, the Dressed to Skill Edition for £44.99 which includes the base game plus a Skin Pack and Challenge Accepted DLC, as well as a Jumbo Pack Edition for £64.99 – expect that one to add some original Destroy All Humans DLC too. 

All versions come with the £9.99 Clone Carnage add-on thrown in.

Let us know which version you decide to run with.  

Game Description:

Crypto is back with a license to probe. The alien invader returns, groovier than ever and now with genitals! Experience the swinging ‘60s in all its chemical-induced glory and take revenge on the KGB for blowing up your mothership. As you uncover the schemes of your enemies, you’ll have to form alliances with members of the very species you came to enslave.

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