Are you ready to challenge your limits? Shift Quantum is here to help you do just that.

Available right now on Xbox One (with a release on PS4, Switch and PC also taking place), Shift Quantum is a puzzle platformer which really will see you needing to turn the world upside-down in order to succeed.

Coming with a brilliant black and white cyber-noir visual style, Shift Quantum tasks you with solving puzzles and creating negative space in order to discover the very best escape routes from each level you find yourself in. This is done by shifting the world, twisting the environment and bending your mind to discover numerous secrets and the chance to overcome even more obstacles.

A level editor is also present so should you wish to push that grey matter even further, creating your own devilish stages before publishing them to the community, you can do so.

Shift Quantum is available from today on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. Will you head on in to this puzzler? The Microsoft Store will happily sort you out with a download for £15.99, whilst our comments section is looking forward to hosting your thoughts.

Game Description:

Axon Vertigo, the world’s leading authority and most trusted friend in cerebral contentedness programming, promises to deliver better life quality for everyone with the Shift Quantum program. Connected to the cyber-noir action-puzzle platformer, you will be tasked to solve puzzles and create negative space by inverting the world to transform barriers into escape routes. Shift the world, twist your environment, bend your mind to unveil its secrets and solve each brain-drilling level . Make use of all special gameplay blocks to overcome obstacles and get to the exit to find the happiness you have been searching for and promised by Axon Vertigo. Join Axon Vertigo’s Level Editor for the Shift Quantum program to create your own custom levels and publish them to the community to get played, rated and featured. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.


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