The world of Rocket League opens itself up to all manner of collaboration opportunities, and whilst we’ve had many exciting DLC additions over the months, the latest announcement quite possibly tops the lot. What happens when you mix a bit of Rocket League with the DC universe? You get a whole ton of awesomeness.

Psyonix have announced that in partnership with Warner Bros and DC Entertainment, all Rocket League players will soon be able to get hands on with a bevy of cosmetic items and two new premium Battle-Cars that have been inspired by the greatest heroes from the DC universe. That means no matter whether you are hitting the play field on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 or PC, you will be covered – at least from March 5th 2018 when the new content arrives.

The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack for Rocket League will contain the following:

2 Premium Batman Battle-Cars

  • The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler from Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Dark Knight Rises
  • The ’89 Batmobile from Warner Bros. Pictures’ Batman

DC Super Hero Themed Items

  • Aquaman – Breakout Decal and Player Banner
  • Batman – Paladin Decal and Player Banner
  • Cyborg – Roadhog Decal and Player Banner
  • DC – Player Banner (previously released in Collector’s Edition)
  • Flash – Wheels, Venom Decal, Player Banner, and Speed Force Boost (Wheels and Player Banner previously released in Collector’s Edition)
  • Green Arrow – Hotshot Decal and Player Banner
  • Green Lantern – Merc Decal and Player Banner
  • Superman – Octane Decal and Player Banner
  • Wonder Woman – Wheels, X-Devil Decal, and Player Banner

The DLC is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment and will be priced at $3.99 USD (or regional equivalent).

We can’t wait!

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