It’s been almost two months now since the release of Dead Rising 4, and those that have set some time aside since the festive period to sink the hours into Capcom’s apocalyptic adventure will surely be in agreement that the return to small country town of Willamette was a rather simple one to say the least. Sure, you had the same ravenous onslaught of the undead hordes shambling towards Frank’s every movement, and you had the huge new open world environment to wreak havoc on once more. But whilst the beloved Psychos from the previous Dead Rising titles had been replaced with far less menacing Maniacs, you still had some deranged individuals looking to put an end to your survival. One thing we never had in Dead Rising 4 though was any real challenge to be going on with.


There will be many of you reading this, with your eyes rolling, and a firm frown on your face as I sit here in criticism of a game for not providing a rage-inducing difficulty, and that’s fine, I’m well aware that not everyone wants to be crushed under the weight of an impossible difficulty. To be quite honest, that’s not what I look for in a game either. But for many of the series long-term fans, Dead Rising 4 really disappointed. Those who read our review will know that DR4 disappointed for several reasons, and whilst it wasn’t all down to the difficulty, the overly simplistic approach certainly played a part in our disappointment.

Why is this?

Well Dead Rising has come a long way since its inception back in 2006, but most can admit that no title in the series till now has ever been so simple that you could just walk through chapters with no effort whatsoever. Even though Dead Rising 3’s release drastically changed core features in the series and made gameplay easier, there was still at least the Nightmare mode on offer for those that wanted some form of challenge. Dead Rising 4’s release however changed everything – from timed modes, to enemy aggression and everything in between – turning one of Capcom’s hottest properties into more of a joke than a serious entry in the series.


But It wasn’t all bad and those same people who can admit to being disappointed by DR4 can probably also point out some of the better features introduced this time around too – so I’m sure that the recent news that some fresh new difficulty options that will be making their way to Dead Rising 4 via a free update on January 30th will have been sure to have excited those originally disheartened by the zombie slasher. But what is it that will be arriving with the update come January 30th?

Quite a bit by the look of it.

The first new additions arriving in the update are of course the two new difficulty options – Hard and Ultra-Hard. These modes will be available to both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC versions of the game and will come complete with two new achievements, “Chopping Spree” and “Bitter Remorse”, for each respective difficulty.

That’s not all though, whilst most will be more than happy with a new challenge for their zombie slaying adventures, it seems the guys over at Capcom Vancouver have been paying attention to early problems with a whole host of bugs set to be addressed.


On top of bug fixes and the much needed difficulty increase comes a brand new outfit for Frank that should fit in well with the stature of everyone’s favourite zombie slayer, with costumes from Capcom’s own Street Fighter series making their way to the game. Costumes from Cammy, Guile, M. Bison, T. Hawk and Zangief will all be available in game for use, and whilst none of these will make a dramatic difference to the gameplay that we know off, the arrival of some free cosmetics will be sure to please the fans.

Finally, those yet to jump into the fray will be given the chance to experience DR4 for themselves, with a download of the 60-minute timed trial making its way to Xbox One and PC courtesy of the update. Any progress made in the trial will transfer to the full game, should you wish to buy, and achievements earned will stay with players also, giving everyone the opportunity to experience slightly dysfunctional journalist Frank West for their own better judgement.

So, it seems the outcry of a harder challenge from the series veterans has been heard by those at Capcom Vancouver, with players set to see the highly requested and much needed challenging difficulties finally introduced to the game. But is it a case of listening to the fans or is this something that should have been in place from the start? Let us know in the comments below – and don’t forget to check out our full review of the game too!


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