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Good with wordz? Perhaps you’ll be interested in the latest addition to the Xbox One Games Store…Boggle!

The ultimate ord finder is available to download right now on Xbox One. Whether you decide to play alone, or with up to three friends online in the latest Boggle iteration, veterans of the real world physic game will be in their element as they search for more words on Xbox One.

You can pick it up from the Xbox Games Store right now for £7.99.

Are you ready to become the Boggle master?

Game Description:

So you think you’re fast at finding words? Prove it! Challenge yourself or up to 3 friends online in a refreshed, updated Boggle experience. There’s still the same Boggle you like. You can also play with a suite of different variants and house rules to really shake things up! Search fast and act faster… it’s an all-new way to play Boggle!


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