olivers adventures in the fairyland xbox one

Ready for a new adventure? Oliver’s Adventure in the Fairyland is now available on Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland will set you back just a mere £5.79, and for that asking price will happily whisk you off on a journey that has been fully inspired by the very best Metroidvania experiences, all whilst mixing in retro visuals, some roguelike elements, and that good old classic – the platformer.

Coming about via the teams at Hoodoo Bear and Victory Road, should you be in the market for a fun little adventure then first signs point to Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland being able to provide it. Okay, so we’re quite obviously not looking at any Game of the Year contender, but for that low price, and considering the content included, we reckon it’s worth a little look.

No matter whether you’re an old-school gamer still trying their hand at the scene, or are a relative newbie to the landscape, wondering what it was like to wander from a gaming fairyland back in the day, you’ll be able to head to the Xbox Store right now and grab the required download of Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland for your own personal consumption.

Let us know if you do decide to head into this world. The comments section is down below and we’d love to hear what you think of this latest retro inspired title. You never know, we may just have a little review for you soon too.

Game Description:

Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland by Hoodoo Bear is the indie adventure game inspired by the best Metroidvania titles. This game packs retro graphics, roguelike elements and classical platforming action. Old school gamers would be delighted by the pixel look and immersive atmosphere of this title. Plot is based on teenager from modern world being summoned into fantasy world with an important task from wizard — to return King’s stolen treasures!

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