the sims 4 moonlight chic and little campers

For years The Sims has drawn players in, giving them the chance to live out their own lives in the virtual world. With The Sims 4, the opportunities have been greater than ever with multiple DLC packs helping push along the base game. And it continues to grow with the addition of the Moonlight Chic and Little Campers kits. 

Available today for The Sims 4 players to embrace are both the Moonlight Chic Kit and the Little Campers Kit. 

Both are rolling out to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC players from today, with new styles, experiences and creativity coming to the fore. 

We’ll start with the Moonlight Chic Kit as it is this which will let The Sims 4 players dress up in style, kitting themselves out for a wonderful evening or two. It’s been inspired by Parisian creator Paola Locatelli and the youthful fashions of today – something we can only dream of –  with all-new looks which are perfect for all the experiences a Sim will encounter during a night out on the town. 

You should expect plenty of colour in the Moonlight Chic Kit, with tons of customisation available as your Sims look to find the spark which should kickstart the most romantic of dates. 

Key features:

  • Modern Parisian Style — Pair shorts with sneakers for casual fun or dress up your look with some silk or sparkles. The youthful fashion of today draws inspiration from classic styles to build something new and trendy.
  • Timeless Romance — A slinky dress, flowing shirts, and smart jackets are staples that are always in style. Help your Sim find that romantic spark with fashions built to last (even if the romance doesn’t).

Alongside that kit is the Little Campers Kit. As the name suggests, this will deliver everything you need to enjoy a good old camping holiday, with a host of new cozy camping gear included. There should be enough here for your Sims to get playing multiple games – blanket forts, anyone? – with a host of toys. 

You’ll find that the kids can get marshmallow roasting, lit up with string lights, whilst an outdoor projector will ensure continued fun. 

Key features:

  • For the Kids — Let the kids take over the back yard with cute furniture, playful camping gear, and toys. Create childhood memories roasting marshmallows with your stuffed sasquatch pal in the glow of a million string lights.
  • A Crafty Look — That’s not a cardboard box — it’s a car! Or a rocket ship. Embrace DIY aesthetics with toys, blanket-forts, and even an outdoor projector made out of a bed sheet and other household items.

You’ll need a copy of The Sims 4 to hand in order to enjoy either – or both – of the Moonlight Chic Kit and Little Campers Kit on any of Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (Xbox Store link is here for you to enjoy), PS4, PS5 or PC. Let us know if you grab them. Each kit is £4.99.

Moonlight Chic Description:

Dress for a night to remember with The Sims™ 4 Moonlight Chic Kit*, inspired by Parisian creator Paola Locatelli. Swoon over the color, flow, and modern style of a collection that’ll help your Sim look great for dates and maybe break some hearts.

Little Campers Description:

Stay up past your bedtime with cozy, crafty backyard camping gear from The Sims™ 4 Little Campers Kit*! Play games outside in the safety of a DIY blanket fort — this collection has everything you need for a night of creative family fun.

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8 months ago

Pretty cool looking game.