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The summer may be drawing to a close here in the UK, but that’s not to stop us embracing the final few days before the nights draw in and the wind and rain starts to hit. It seems like the development team behind Horizon Chase Turbo have the exact same thoughts too, as they drop the first DLC addition for their retro racer – Summer Vibes.

Priced up at just £1.69, the Summer Vibes DLC for Horizon Chase Turbo on Xbox One is an utterly cheap and cheerful add-on that promises to let us eek out the best of the summer days before they are gone for another year.

Providing access to a new and super exclusive car, paying tribute to the classic convertible roadster in the process, the Summer Vibes DLC for Horizon Chase Turbo also allows full access to 5 unlockable skins, 12 of the most sunny summer roads and the chance to speed your way through the desert and across the countryside to conclude your journey on the beach.

With the base game already proving to be a massive hit – just check out the 4.5/5 score we gave it in our review – this DLC pack should be hugely appealing to a wide range of racing fans, particularly those wishing to continue grabbing at the final few days of summer 2019.

Should you wish to see it added in to your Horizon Chase Turbo experience on Xbox One, the Xbox Store will sort you out with the relevant download. Let us know if you decide to pick it up.

DLC Description:

HORIZON CHASE TURBO SUMMER VIBES DLC Once again, our greatest inspirations come true. Summer Vibes is HORIZON CHASE TURBO first DLC. Featuring the most classic arcades roadster, you’ll love to put your sunglasses and feel every mile of this warm coast to coast experience. THE MOST CLASSIC ARCADE CONVERTIBLE Player starts with an exclusive new car: a tribute to the most classic convertible roadster. And 5 amazing unlockable skins. 12 COLORFUL SUMMER ROADS A set of 12 Sunny Roads hand picked from the main campaign and redesigned for this Summer experience. Except for the first, you must unlock all other races. A COAST TO COAST LOVELY TRIP Start in larger Coastal cities, venture through the desert roads and countryside and finish your journey in the beach. Can you feel the wind in your face? Summer Vibes is a tribute to the Classics and, mostly, a homage to you. Have fun!

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