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The solitaire phenomenon has attempted to breach the Xbox market before, with the likes of Spider Solitaire F and Solitaire both failing to set the world alight. The latest offering, Solitaire 3D, looks to raise the stakes as developers GrassGames have incorporated a ton of solitaire variations into their title. Will Solitaire 3D provide a welcome way to pass the time for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One gamers?

It’s fairly easy to write off a game like Solitaire 3D as a one-trick-pony, but don’t be fooled because there are actually over 100 different solitaire variants to peruse here. Some of them you will probably be quite familiar with, while others are sure to be lesser-known types of solitaire. The fact you can set high scores for players around the globe to try and beat ensures a competitive element is in place. But what about the actual games available to play? Well, let’s have a quick gander at a few concepts included within this experience.

To name just a handful, there’s Spider, the two-deck patience style game in which the aim is to assemble cards into tableaus for removal; Tri-Peaks requires you to rid the table of three pyramids by creating sequences using a stock pile; Golf poses the task of achieving the lowest points total across nine holes (essentially deals); and then Crazy Quilt, which is named as such due to the woven nature of the card layout. Fortunately, all of these, and more, are explained via tutorials in-game so you won’t be left bewildered.

For what could be the ultimate solitaire experience, Solitaire 3D, you’ll have to pay a fee of £19.99 over at the Xbox Store. If you do pick it up, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us your favourite variation of solitaire!

Game Description:

Enjoy over 100 different solitaire games (including all your favorites: Spider, Pyramid, FreeCell, Klondike, Tri-Peaks etc.), multiple card decks (including the unique 4 color card deck), online high scores, statistics, and much more. Compete with players across the world with online high scores for each game! With emphasis on ease-of-play and smooth beautiful graphics, Solitaire 3D is the perfect solitaire partner for all.

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