Eternal Defiance

There’s a new expansion on the horizon for the free-to-play collectible card game from Dire Wolf Digital, Eternal, and so we’ve been fortunate enough to get an exclusive card reveal for a handful of the cards that’ll be available when the Defiance expansion launches. Let’s find out what Defiance has in store for us and see what cards are to be expected.

Defiance is the fifth expansion for Eternal and the accompanying narrative tells the fate of the Kosul Empire as its exiled heir Svetya prepares for a quest of vengeance. She seeks allies to aid her in reclaiming the crown and avenging her family, but chances of doing so seem slim with all odds stacked against her.

Upon release on Xbox One, PC and mobile platforms, Defiance will introduce 278 new cards that offer new mechanics to explore and new decks to discover. Amongst those card-affecting mechanics are the introduction of Pledge, Amplify, Sites and Renown, which ensure even more freshness is added to Eternal. Pledge enables that specific card to be played as a Sigil power on your first turn; Amplify allows the effects of spells to be increased using power; Sites are essentially large units which have an effect on other units around them; and the Renown ability ensures something happens to a card as soon as you play a weapon or spell onto it.

Here is a selection of the intriguing new cards that can be found once the Defiance expansion arrives on 12th December:

Update: We’ve just been contacted by the devs and the Defiance expansion for Eternal has had to be pushed back by a day. It’ll now be coming out on the 13th December 2018. 

Nika, the Freescaler – Explorer

Nika, the Freescaler possesses the Pledge attribute, meaning this card is able to be used as a Sigil, but that’s not all because if a Spell is played on Nika at any point, you can then deal three damage to the enemy player. Her attack can be doubled for a turn by paying three power too – ideal for launching an all-out attack.

Rejection – Fast Spell

When an enemy casts a Spell, Rejection counters it whilst also forcing them to discard all their copies of it in both their hand and deck. The best part is that it cannot be negated whatsoever.

Etched Monolith – Relic

Costing five power to cast, Etched Monolith is a pretty decent Relic to have because it’ll make all of your other units obtain the Charge ability (so they can attack the turn it they are played). As an added bonus, your health can get boosted to 25 by sacrificing this card and paying 10 power.

Talir’s Unwinding – Spell

Talir’s Unwinding is an incredibly useful Voidbound Spell which shuffles each player’s void and hand into their deck, before then enforcing seven cards to be drawn. That’s one to really turn the tide of a battle!

What do you think of these incoming cards? Are you looking forward to the Defiance expansion for Eternal? Let us know via the comments below or on social media!


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