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Are you looking to lead another life? Would you be up for getting acquainted with the country life? Farmer’s Dynasty is coming and today the release date for launch on Xbox One and PS4 has become known.

Coming about via a collaboration between Bigben and Toplitz Productions, Farmer’s Dynasty will let you experience life out on the farm, as you begin to embrace the wide open country life and build a bit of a farming empire. But when will these opportunities open themselves up? Well, it’ll launch on November 7th 2019 on Xbox One and PS4, with a Nintendo Switch releases happening a little later.

With Farmer’s Dynasty you’ll be able to get back to nature and become a farmer. Initially this will mean utilising the most simple farming tools, but your empire will grow quickly and the gameplay will begin to get deep. Building, repairing and harvesting will be everyday occurrences as you attempt to improve your yield by acquiring new agricultural facilities like greenhouses and silos on your way to becoming one of the top farmers in the village.

But the farming life isn’t a lonely one and the social aspect included is a major part of the game. At the end of your working day, you’ll be able to take part in village events to unwind and develop your social life, meeting up with your neighbours and spending time with them. And it is these interactions which could lead to a romantic relationship and family life in the countryside.

Features include:

  • Live a farmer’s life: build your farm, start a family and cultivate your fields.
  • Play a unique blend of farm simulator, life simulator and management.
  • Build, repair and expand your farm to match your vision.
  • Experience the freedom to go anywhere you want in an open world in the country.
  • Help your neighbours in different missions and earn social points.
  • A realistic simulation: learn how to use different farming machines and manage cycles to optimise crop yields.

To celebrate the fact that a console release is fast approaching a whole new gameplay trailer has also been revealed for Farmer’s Dynasty. Make sure you catch it below and then hold tight for November to roll around. If you’ve played any of the previous farming styled games that have hit Xbox One – the likes of Farm Together or Farming Simulator 19 perhaps – then this will surely be of interest. Let us know what you think though by posting in the comments.

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2 years ago

The farmer dynasty on nintendo switch in very glichy and very hard to play when it is like that so can you help me fix this problem