FIFA 15 is on it’s way to Xbox One this autumn, bringing football to life in stunning visual detail, with the emotion and intensity of football like never before!

As is always the case, EA Sports have thrown a few new features into the mix for the yearly update to the worlds best selling football game. This time round, we’ll see ‘Emotional Intelligence’ bringing a world of attitudes and personalities to all 22 players on the pitch, with a range of emotions that will evolve throughout the match based on interactions with both opponents and teammates. Frustration and anger are set to play a big part in FIFA 15….and not just for the man with the controller!


Authentic Player Visuals will also spring into life on a Living Pitch where everything is alive and the turf evolves at every step, plant, or slides, where boots and hard slide tackles will leave their mark as each match progresses and players will get mud and dirt on their kits. Other visuals will include animated LED ad boards, corner flag and goal frame movement, and realistic atmosphere conditions.


There will also be a whole new level of responsiveness and control in FIFA 15.Players will react and move with both increased balance and closer control when in possession of the ball, whilst new stutters and strides let you cut, sprint, and explode out of turns, and run touch dribbling gives players’ personality that reflects their real self. A new ball physics system models ball movement depending on the spin and the precise contact with the ball.


Defenders will also now use full-body defending in FIFA 15 to try and separate their man from the ball and new shoulder barges, shirt pulling, and big fall physics will make dispossessing opponents all that more rewarding.

FIFA 15 is looking a hot prospect and one that we can’t wait to see in action on Xbox One come September.


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