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The KEMCO RPG machine has churned out another one just in time for the festive season. Having been available on mobile and the Nintendo 3DS, it has now been ported over to more modern consoles. Justice Chronicles is available today on Xbox and PC.

If you’ve ever played a KEMCO RPG before than Justice Chronicles should feel like slipping on a pair of comfy shoes. If not, KEMCO games attempt to rekindle the love of early ‘90s JRPGs. And Justice Chronicles appears to be no exception.

As Kline, you come across an unconscious girl called Alia. To save her, Kline must make a deal with the God of Death. Alia lives, but at a price, as Kline must give up his future. Together, Kline and Alia must fight back against the creeping darkness that threatens to engulf the world for once and for all.

Justice Chronicles will be a longer than normal KEMCO game, clocking in at around 40 hours. It contains all the hallmarks you would normally expect though: turn based battles, levelling, questing, weapon crafting and lovely looking pixel artwork.

Justice Chronicles is available to download now from the Xbox Store price at £12.49, but it does come with some extras too. For £2.49, you can increase your meteorites powers with the Magic Meteorite Growth x3 DLC. For £4.19 you can triple your EXP gained when battling with the Experience x3 DLC. Double damage is also the same price at £4.19 thanks to the Damage x2 DLC. A few items to make playing Justice Chronicles that little bit easier. It might be easy enough already but stay tuned for our review coming soon to find all that out.

Game description

Kline, a novice High Beast Knight is sent on reconnaissance into Laft, the Earth-Depths, where he comes across Alia, a Battle Maiden who has suffered terrible injuries and is close to death. In order to help her, he forms a partnership with the God of Death, Rooselevy. Alia lives, but in return the young knight must give up his life… In a world on the brink of war, the newly acquainted duo must fight destiny itself in order to save the world from the ever creeping darkness that is threatening to consume everything, and once and for all restore the balance of the world. Featuring 40 hours of unique gameplay, a rich storyline mixed with a large variety of characters and enemies, as well as many more intriguing features such as powerful meteorites that grow with the character, animated turn-based battles, a large quantity of side quests, material collection, weapon crafting, and beautiful pixel artwork, Justice Chronicles really captures the essence of a true Role Playing Game!

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