To say that Telltale Games had a frantic history would be an understatement. Their massive rise to the gaming world came with The Walking Dead Season One as critics praised it for its story and dialogue choices that profoundly affect the game. Soon after, they enjoyed great successes with games focused on Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more. Unfortunately, Telltale Games overreached on all of their projects and, a couple of bad business decisions later, the company went under.

Then on August 29th 2019, it was announced that LCG Entertainment announced an acquisition of a majority of Telltale Games assets and relaunched the company under the name Telltale. They’ve already released a noir shader for Batman: The Telltale Series (it’s £4.19 if you already own it) and shocked the gaming community during the 2019 Game Awards with a teaser of the highly anticipated sequel to the 2014 release The Wolf Among Us. With a new fresh breath of life, there are so many characters that could work so well with the Telltale treatment if they ever try to get the rights. So, we’re going to countdown the top 5 IP (intellectual property) that Telltale need to tackle after The Wolf Among Us 2.

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

It might seem like an odd choice for picking Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as the characters from the show were often criticized for being two dimensional and goodie two shoes. That might be true, but if they can adapt the Boom! Studios comics of Power Rangers, it’ll be the perfect match for Telltale.

Boom! Studios brilliantly modernized the setting and characters and added some much-needed depth. From Tommy’s battle of PTSD after being under Rita’s spell to Billy wanting to prove to himself that he deserves to be a Power Ranger, there’s a lot to mine from.

Each major decision can factor into the team as secrets could be kept or shared even though it could affect some of the members. It might seem like an out-there choice, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Telltale.

2. Spider-Man

What made Batman: The Telltale Series so brilliant was the more significant focus on Bruce Wayne’s side of Batman and the decisions impacting him. It would make so much sense to have Marvel’s most famous superhero, Spider-Man, given the Telltale spotlight.

Admittedly this is a pipedream as they no longer have the rights to any Marvel character. If they attain the rights in the far far future, Peter Parker is the most logical choice.

The duality of Peter focusing on his life while balancing out his duties as Spider-Man has been at the character’s core since the beginning. Decisions can be made as to whether Peter should handle something as himself or Spider-Man (similar to what they did for Batman) and the impact it will have. It’s also a bonus as any web-shooting mechanics can be used for some fantastic quick time events.

It’s a game that seems so obvious that the universe is begging for it to happen.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In every generation a Slayer is chosen, and hopefully for the next generation Telltale can choose Buffy the Vampire Slayer as their project.

Similar to Spider-Man, the choices that the player makes will affect both Buffy’s personal life and her duties as a Slayer. The game could be set during either season two or three, as it features a lot of fan-favorite characters like Spike and Angel. Have it in the style of a “lost episode”, so you don’t have to break continuity that much.

It’s clear that in this world we all need some more Buffy in our lives.

4. Doctor Who

The beauty of making Doctor Who into a Telltale game is the vast history – they can truly pick and choose what to include. There are many different enemies, environments and, of course, over twelve Doctors they can choose from.

Yet they could do something exciting that, while it will break continuity, could make for a fantastic game in its own right. Telltale could make their Doctor Who by establishing their own Doctor, someone that the players can mould. Instead of players basing decisions on what previous doctors have done, now the player can go on their own accord. It’s something risky that Telltale could reap big rewards with if they play their cards right.

Of course, it’s still in the same rich Doctor Who world that can feature a lot of classic enemies like the Daleks. Telltale can have a fantastic opportunity to get really creative and make the player immersed in the Doctor’s world.

5. Firefly

Having Telltale base a game on the cult classic Firefly would be the perfect solution to continuing the show.

While the movie following the series, Serenity, wrapped up some major loose ends, fans to this day are still desiring a continuation of the show. We still have a couple of plot points that haven’t been resolved and a rich world that deserves to be explored. It also solves the problem of gathering all of the original actors as it would be a little easier to get them for a voiceover than to gather everyone together.

This would be the perfect chance to show why Firefly has endured for so many years.

So there we have it – 5 new IP that Telltale would do well to cover next. But what do you think? Do you want to see Telltale pushing things out in terms of their coverage? Or will slow and steady win the race this time around? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tenora Livingston
Tenora Livingston
1 year ago

I really need them to. Bring back Game of Thrones season 2. They left us hanging With a ending that needs a part 2 please somebody. Mention that we need Game of Thrones season 2