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Alchemist Adventure wants you to use alchemy in tandem with elemental powers to solve problems and overcome dangerous foes. Since its unveiling, we’ve been taught the importance of harnessing Fire and Air elements, courtesy of a couple of trailers. But the most crucial element is Water, surely? Well Water is in fact the focus of the latest trailer for the upcoming action-RPG Alchemist Adventure.

Just imagine if you could possess the power to shape and twist water to help you defeat enemies and solve puzzles en route to uncovering the mystery of an apparent apocalypse. Through controlling protagonist Mya in Alchemist Adventure, that’s going to be entirely possible. You see, Water is the element of life, and as an elemental power, it has the ability to paralyze enemies – which is undoubtedly a cracking strategy for dealing with a large group of foes. 

While each element has an individual use, usually to thwart enemies with particular elemental weakness, by combining them, you have the ability to create even more powerful attacks. Water can also mix with other materials in-game to create secondary elements, such as Mud (Water + Earth), Ice (Air + Water), and Steam (Water + Fire). All of these combinations have their advantages, especially when it comes to solving some of the environmental puzzles. For example, Mud can weaken the soil and subsequently submerge obstacles, while Ice could come in handy to create solid bridges in order to cross roaring rapids and raging rivers. 

Alchemist Adventure is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access, but the full game will launch in Q1 2021 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Feel free to leave your thoughts regarding it via the comments section below. For now though, here’s a fresh new trailer to explain how you can become an accomplished aqua-fueled alchemist!

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