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When we first heard that Oddworld Inhabitants were bringing our favourite Mudokon to modern day consoles, our hearts skipped a beat. When that game was then announced as launching exclusively on PlayStation and PC, that same heart died a little. But fear not because it’s now time for Xbox players to also get in on the Soulstorm action as the bigger, badder and bolder action platformer launches on Xbox, PlayStation and PC as Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition

Available today on the format of your choice – as long as that choice is situated in the Xbox, PlayStation or PC ecosystems – Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition sees us joining everyone’s favourite Mudokon – Abe – as he heads off on an all-new journey. 

Having first burst onto the gaming scene decades past, and then slowly revitalised with Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty in 2015, Abe now moves away from the confines of the RaptureFarms meat plant to find himself as a bit of a revolutionary leader, helping save the entire Mudokon race from destruction. 

Played out via a 2.9D world that looks absolutely wonderful in play – we know this as we’ve been hands on and are getting ready to push out a review of the Xbox Series X|S version very soon – the usual Oddworld oddities are a joy to take in. It has you utilising Abe’s skills and abilities (mostly running, jumping and chucking stuff), alongside the power of Chant as he looks to save his fellow Mudokons from death. 

It feels immediately right, a game that will appeal massively to fans who first took in Abe’s adventures on the PS1 back in the day, as Soulstorm attempts to grab a new style of gamer in the process. 

It’s this Enhanced Edition that sees everything about Soulstorm be perfected. It plays at 60fps and 1080p, has dramatically improved gameplay options and motion code, along with some serious audio balance and polish over the game which launched on PC and PlayStation previously. 

You’ll find that followers are more inteliigent and responsive too – as are the Sligs you’ll go up against – and with all previously released updates included, this shoud well be the finest option yet. 

There’s more though and as Oddworld: Soulstorm comes to Xbox, Xbox One and Series X|S players get access to some exclusive goodies. These are the Vykkers Labs, which throw players into short puzzle filled levels, playing out much like old-school Oddworld. PS and PC players meanwhile get Toby’s Escape added in. Yes, THAT Toby from the train…

If you’re up for taking in Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition and are ready for the 15 hours of gameplay promised, or are looking for the chance to enjoy a game that features a brilliant Quarma system, or just want to enjoy Abe once more, then you’ll find the game on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for £33.49

Should you be a previous owner of Soulstorm on PlayStation or PC, you’ll get the Enhanced Edition upgrades for free. 

Are you ready to start a revolution?

Game Description:

Soulstorm combines intense action-adventure platformer gameplay with a twisted tale of a society on the brink of revolution, where your moment to moment in-game choices will impact its outcome and there is more than one possible ending to experience. A revolution needs a leader. A leader needs followers. You will help guide Abe on his journey to save them all. Along the way, you face nearly impossible odds in a massive 2.9D world where death is the most likely outcome. Every moment is another choice between raining down brute force upon your oppressors or executing stealth manoeuvres to avoid detection. You will face off against a profiteering class armed with a sinister plan that threatens the very existence of an enslaved species. Scavenge for ingredients to cook up powerful weaponry and arm your followers to help in the fight. Keep in mind, the more you save, the better the outcome. If you have what it takes, you might even be able to unlock hidden playable levels. And, you might have what it takes to lead a revolution and achieve leader board status.

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