And just like that, it’s Spring in Forza Horizon 5. But whilst we may be coming to the end of the goodies for Series 10 of Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, it doesn’t mean things get any less exciting. If you’re looking to complete the latest challenges and want to take home the best rewards, you’ll want the fastest cars and the best tunes – and that’s where we come in. 

Series 10 – Spring of the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist covers the usual bases – The Trial, Seasonal Championships, a Photo Challenge and a host of hugely fun PR Stunts.   

Part 1: #Forzathon Weekly Challenge – Daring Innovation

So, for the final time in this current season (see what I did there?) we need to get in an EV (Electric Vehicle) and do stuff.

The candidate this week is the 2020 Lotus Evija, and this week you will have to buy it, if you don’t already have it of course. It is on sale in the Forzathon Shop, for a mere 100 Forza Points, so this may be the cheapest option. Otherwise I’m afraid it is the Autoshow, where it will set you back a hefty 2,500,000 credits. Ouch.

Chapter 1 – Featherweight

However you acquire it, get in your Evija and drive it. Step one complete.

Chapter 2 – Pure Adrenaline

Now we need to really open the taps and see what this car can do. We need to hit 200mph in the Dunas Blancas area of the map, just over on the left hand side.

Find a straight bit of road and nail it! 

Oh, and take a photo while you are there to complete this week’s Photo Challenge too.

Chapter 3 – Revolutionary Leap

Of all the things that a low slung, all electric sports car could be called upon to do, I’m guessing the designers didn’t think that leaping it into the air would be one of them.

While we are in the Dunas Blancas region, those sand dunes look ideal for catching some air, so start flinging your car about. What’s the worst that could happen? (Ask Richard Hammond!).

Chapter 4 – Creative Language

The final step in the weekly challenge is to win a Street Race in your shiny electric mobile. Pick your favourite and let ‘er rip.

And with victory comes completion, as this week’s challenge is complete.

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

A dash of The Trial, a pinch of The Eliminator and a dollop of an Eventlab – These are the ingredients that will make up this week’s motley crew of challenges.

The Trial – Souper Troupers

This week, we have to take a group of randoms off of the interweb, and forge them into a racing team to make unbeatable Driverbots quake. Well, that’s the theory, anyway.

We are tasked with winning two out of the three races, in Modern Supercars, restricted to S1 Class 900. Modern Supercar just about screams Lamborghini to me (And whispers Ferrari) so it’s a Mclaren 570S which I will take, the share code is 179 226 463. 

The reward for coming out on top?A Lambo. A Huracan Performante, to be precise.

Eventlab – GT DENY Presents Car Lot Head to Head

My favourite type of event has come limping into view again this week, and this time we need a somewhat slower car, any B Class 700 vehicle in fact.

With the event being ostensibly a Drag Event (not high heels, but driving in a straight line) I went with a quick car, the BMW M3 E34 from 1991. However, getting into it, it appears that the designer has had some kind of attack and the course is about three minutes of nonsense. The share for the Beamer which still won is :136256627.

Your prize for persevering with this nonsense is a Doodle Pattern Cap. Just what I – and no doubt, you – always wanted.

Horizon Arcade – Mini Games

Another season, another chance to play the Horizon Mini games. Simply look for the pink circles on the map, drive there in a suitable car (don’t rock up to a speed event in a class D Willys Jeep, for instance) and complete three rounds to take home the rewards.

I personally prefer the Drift rounds, as the Formula Drift Supra can easily complete all three rounds alone, but if you get more people in, it takes less time.

Danger Sign – Desert Dunes

Now this could be interesting, a Danger Sign, an S1 Class 900 car, and a distance of over 340m is required to complete.

As the run up is largely off road, I went with a somewhat left field choice, a highly tuned Volkswagen Class 5 Baja Bug, tuned a tad to share code : 683276916. Smashed the target first try. 

The prize for flying through the air is a Super Wheelspin.

forza horizon 5 series 10 spring Baja

Speed Zone – Costa Rocosa

A little more sedate this week for the Speed Zone challenge, with a B Class 700 car needing to get through the zone with an average speed of over 85 mph required to win.

Given the perilous state of the run up, I went with an off-road tuned Alumi Craft Class 10 race car, with a share code of : 401432454. This is able to rip through the turns quite successfully, taking an approach from the south to make it easier.

Winning this will net you one of the remaining Extreme-E cars, the No.6. Snappy name, I’m sure you will agree.

forza horizon 5 series 10 spring Alumi

Seasonal Championship – Extreme E Desert Prix I

Ah, the weekly invitation to take an Extreme-E car, give it a good kicking around some circuits, and then win big prizes.

As I stated in the previous weeks, the No.44 X.44 car has worked well, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t carry on doing so, both in this series and the next. The share code for mine is: 164790581.

Winning this championship will net you the Extreme-E No.125. And hopefully that should be a full set.

Seasonal Championship – Extreme E Desert Prix II

Same car, same stuff, different location.

Win through the championship, either alone or in a convoy (in a convoy is actually easier as you merely need to win two out of three races) and stay in the same X.44 car as before, and it should all be gravy.

A natty Red Extreme-E Race Suit will be yours once you are victorious.

Seasonal Championship – Batteries Included

Another championship, another chance to try out an EV in a race situation.

To be honest, I’d be tempted to stay in my Lotus Evija, especially as it is an S2 Class 998 car straight out of the box (well, it’s 994, but you catch my drift).

Winning will get you possibly the worst prize ever, an Infiniti Q60. Erm, yay?

Part 3 – Other Challenges

Hunting treasure, taking photos, hiding in bushes – This week’s extra challenges section has it all.

Photo Challenge – #DESERTRUNNER

If you followed my advice from the top of the article (and if not, why not, hmm?) then this should be complete. If not, take you Lotus Evija to Dunas Blancas and snap away. 

Extra points for an airborne action shot, eh?

I’ll upload my efforts and the location below, and for your trouble, you too can have an “Applause” car horn.

forza horizon 5 series 10 spring Photo 1
forza horizon 5 series 10 spring Photo 2

Treasure Hunt – Hot and Sandy

The clue this week reads “EV’s blaze through the sand and deliver a Gold Star rated service”. So, somewhere sandy, and somewhere with a PR stunt nearby.

There are a lot of possibilities, to be honest, but by a process of elimination I worked out that it meant the “Sand and Deliver” Trailblazer in the Dunas Blancas region.

Getting one star is enough, and I did it easily in the Evija while I was there for the speed and photo challenge.

I will include a photo of where the treasure is below. It contains 100FP, so doing this first would buy you the Lotus Evija. Just a thought…

forza horizon 5 series 10 spring Treasure 1
forza horizon 5 series 10 spring Treasure 2

The Eliminator – Battle Royale

Ah, the Eliminator, my old foe. Hide, drive, flee and scurry your way into the top 30, by hook or by crook, to complete this week’s challenge.

The reward for doing so? Doodle Classic Shades. Totally worth the effort, if you ask me…

Part 4 – Hot Wheels Events

As is now standard, the Hot Wheels brand features massively in the latest Forza Horizon 5 challenges. You need to have reached Elite level in the DLC to do these, so if you haven’t yet, get racing! 

Drift Zone – Ice Cauldron

The Drift Zones in the Hot Wheels Park are a bit of a different proposition from the ones on terra firma, and the camber can make holding a drift tricky. With a mere 130,000 points needed to win, I’ll recommend my weapon of choice for anything drift related – the Formula Drift Supra.

No upgrades, no messing, straight out of the box it was born to slide.

Scoring more than the target value will get you a Super Wheelspin. Maybe you can win some shoes to go with your shades and cap, eh?

Seasonal Championships – Mini Sampler

This requires the services of an Off Road car, in the B Class 700 range.

I went with the Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid car, from an extremely limited set of choices, share code : 166960440.

Winning the championship with this car is challenging, but very doable, just keep the speed up as best you can.

The prize for winning this championship is another cap, this time a Hot Wheels one. Awesome.

Remember, as this is the end of Series 10, you’ll want to have completed the two Monthly Rivals events – the Tierra Prospera Circuit and the Forza EV Airfield Cross-Country Circuit will both give you 4pts if you can nail the clean laps. 

Those points are precious too. Series 10 gives you car rewards in the form of the N0.58 Extreme E for 80pts and RAESR TS ‘19 for 160pts. If you’ve been following our guides to Series 10 – Summer, Autumn and Winter, you should have more than enough points already. This Spring season adds in a couple more too – the Porsche 911 ‘90 for 20pts and the Vaux Carlton for 40pts. 

Stay tuned as we cover Series 11 and the new challenges in the coming weeks – it’s all about Rami’s Racing History with new collectibles, cars, Speed Zones and #Forzathon Shop Sales. We love a sale.  

Forza Horizon 5 is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC via the Xbox Store. It’s on Game Pass too whilst the Hot Wheels expansion will require an opening of the wallet. 

Let us know if you liked this guide.

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