It seems that it’s been a long journey for everyone’s favourite zombie slayer. From the original outbreak in Willamette, to the bright lights of Fortune City, a cameo appearance (if cardboard cut-outs count) in Los Perdidos ,and of course the return to the new look Willamette for a second helping in his new and improved state. But there’s no way Capcom are going to draw the line there for such a beloved character in Frank West, and today brings a fresh helping of content to Dead Rising 4 that sees players donning the many outfits of the crazed photographer once more.

Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising – to give it’s full name, is the first major DLC for Dead Rising 4, and it’s this DLC that puts Frank in a progressed stage of infection that fans will remember all too well from the first Dead Rising.

That’s right, Frank is infected. Again. But it won’t be a case of searching for supplies to help stop the process this time around. Instead it will be the need to feast that drives players through the blood-soaked streets of Willamette, as the bloodied and beaten Frank becomes one with the hordes of flesh eating zombies populating the inner walls of the small country town.

There is a cure, and the cure will be something Frank finds himself searching for in one last bid to save himself. But it seems there will be more than a fair share of distractions to contend with as Frank’s new found zombie abilities come into play, with the need to feed providing the only means of staying alive.

Once the gruelling appetite has been satisfied, players will need to pull their act together to escape the city in time, before the government closes Frank’s case file for good.

The Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising DLC is available for download now on Xbox One, Windows 10 via Xbox Play Anywhere and Steam. The content will come free for holders of the Dead Rising 4 Season Pass or can be bought separately for those without for the price of £7.99.

Will you be heading back to the quaint country town of Willamette to walk amongst the dead once more? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our review of Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One


In Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising, Frank West becomes the newest member of Willamette’s horde. Equipped with a deadly arsenal of grotesque zombie mutations and a ravenous hunger for flesh, Frank will need to satisfy his appetite, get his act together, and escape the city—before the government closes his case file for good.



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