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For years we’ve been wanting to combine our Discord channels with our Xbox gaming. But for years it’s not really been possible. At least not until now as full Discord Voice Chat is added to the Xbox eco-system.

Today Discord and Xbox join forces in the best possible way, working together to see the next evolution of cross-platform gaming come to the masses. It builds on the fact that previously the only real integration was the allowance of your Discord friends to see your Xbox gamertag, your current game activity and exactly how long you’d have been playing – something which, whilst nice, was ultimately pretty lacking. Now Discord Voice Chat is added to that. 

Rolling out today to Xbox Insiders – with release to the wider community later in 2022 – you’ll be able to connect your Discord Voice channels directly within your Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S or Xbox One. Why? Well, why not, because it’ll let you chat with your friends on PC, web and mobile utterly seamlessly. 

It’s pretty simple to action too and by following the steps below, you’ll be able to integrate your Discord Voice Chat into your Xbox…

  • Connect your Xbox account to their Discord account to grant Voice Access to their console
  • Install the Xbox mobile app to transfer voice activity from Discord to their Xbox console
  • Go into a Voice channel on Discord. From the Discord mobile app, select the option to Transfer to Xbox.
  • Confirm in the Xbox mobile app (it will open automatically and prompt users) 

Should this Discord and Xbox partnership be of interest to you, then we’d highly advise you hit up the official Discord Blog as it goes into a few finer details. Alternatively, hit up the Youtube trailer below. 

Let us know in the comments if this is an application you’re looking forward to using. 

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