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Gather your Crewmates for Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting


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It’s an Emergency Meeting in Vampire Survivors

It’s the crossover you didn’t think you would ever need, nor ever see. But today Among Us and Vampire Survivors join forces as the Crewmates gather for an Emergency Meeting. 

Available right now as the latest expansion offering for poncle’s brilliant Vampire Survivors is Emergency Meeting. Priced at a mere £1.99 from the Xbox Store, this combines the usual Vampire Survivors madness with even weirder going-ons from Among Us. 

Vampire Survivors X Among Us

In Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting you’ll get the opportunity to gather up your Crewmates and eject the Imposters. But you’ll do so in the usual Vampire Survivors way. See, the Survivors here are just desperate to hunt vampires, but when they run out of places to hunt, they are left with one place alone – space. 

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting turns the iconic Among Us tasks into the most outrageous of weapons, upgrading your abilities after every roguelite run to overcome impossible odds with ease. You’ll want to be alert to subterfuge as you explore the vast weirdness of the Polus Replica and keep your wits about you, as suspicious eyes are always watching  .

Vampires Survivors: Emergency Meeting is playable solo or in local co-op for up to 4 players.

So what’s included? Well, it’ll come as no surprise to see the Emergency Meeting features run deep, even considering that low asking price. Crack open the wallet, and you’ll be able to expand your base game of Vampire Survivors with all of the following…

9 Totally Trustworthy New Characters

  • Crewmate Dino – Starry-eyed, optimistic, and unfortunately extremely tasty. Dino is a jack-of-all-trades who boosts stats whenever a task is completed (i.e. when you level up a weapon).
  • Engineer Gino – Few Crewmates come as close to truly competent task-work as Gino, who offers a selection of passive weapons from their toolbox every few levels.
  • Ghost Lino – Good Crewmates don’t let a silly thing like death get in the way of their tasks. Lino can float through walls at will and can’t be hurt, but can’t deal damage either… what could be the goal of such suspicious game design?!
  • Shapeshifter Nino – Look at this bean! They can do all kinds of… wait, where did they go? And where did this snowman come from? Oh well, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.
  • Guardian Pina – Everyone needs an angel on their shoulder. Pina isn’t just there for moral support, though – they boost the defences of all nearby allies, and they love taking out the garbage.   
  • Impostor Rina – A fellow Crewmate that is in no way some kind of duplicitous, well-disguised killer. One hundred percent all-natural-bean, right here. Nothing to see or think about.
  • Scientist Mina – Mina’s scientific skill is matched only by their intense clumsiness. Thankfully, dropping potentially hazardous chemicals has a major upside when you’re besieged by extra-terrestrial monsters.

15 New Weapons

Transform your tasks into powerful weapons to defend yourself from Impostors, Shapeshifters, and all manner of extra-terrestrial weirdos. Blast away baddies with the supermassive sound waves of your Report! weapon, slice angry aliens in half with Lucky Swipe, and drop duplicitous foes to their doom with Just Vent. Lonely Survivors should seek out Mini Crewmates to empower their Task-based weaponry (or just for general companionship).

A Brand New, Perfectly Safe Stage

Polus Replica – an eerily accurate replica of the scientific base on Polus. This planet is packed with bizarre biomes ripe for exploration by Survivors and Crewmates, with tasks and treasure chests galore. Unfortunately, it’s also accidentally being invaded by your average space dwellers, like aliens, robots, and ducks. Expect the unexpected and do NOT trust the bins. Never trust the bins. Or the chicken nuggets. In fact, it’s a good idea to remain alert at all times and not trust anything.

6 new music tracks 

  • Emergency Meeting
  • Hide and Survive
  • No Ducks Among Us
  • No Aliens Among Us
  • No Ghosts Among Us
  • No Vampires Among Us

20 in-game-only achievements

1 new Adventure

A standalone mini sidequest that remixes content from the Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC. 

Join the Emergency Meeting now

Our full review of Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting is coming. For now though, pay a visit to the digital storefront of your choice. For us, it’s the Xbox Store which provides the fun and entertainment. 

The DLC is out today on PC, Xbox and mobile (iOS and Android), with Nintendo Switch to follow at a later date.

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting Game Description

The Survivors are desperate to hunt vampires, but are running out of places to look. Only one option remains: Be the bullet hell… in space!

Gather your most trusted Crewmates, prepare to eject the Impostors, and try to survive while mowing down thousands of extra-terrestrial foes in this expansion for Vampire Survivors. Turn classic Among Us tasks into outrageous weapons, upgrading your abilities after every roguelite run to overcome impossible odds with ease. Be alert to subterfuge as you explore the vast weirdness of the Polus Replica and keep your wits about you, as suspicious eyes are always watching 👀.

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