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Gameinformer just dropped some serious knowledge on us: the protagonist of Gears 4 is none other than Markus Fenix’s son. Apparently, the game focuses on a time 25 years after the events of Gears 3. Basically that means, we’ve got a whole new world and a whole new cast of characters.

The game centres on JD Fenix, who left home at a young age to join the COG militia, but quickly went AWOL following a classified incident. Following JD, both in joining and deserting the COG, is Del Walker. The relationship between JD and Del is reminiscent of that between Marcus and Dom; it’s a steadfast and loyal friendship forged under harsh conditions.

Now, most of Gears 4 occurs outside the walled city that keeps humanity safe. So, naturally, there’s a third member of the party, one more versed in the ways of the outside world. Kait Diaz, unlike JD and Del, grew up away from the COG and humanity’s walled refuge. She’s a keen survivalist, yet is fairly naïve to the workings of the world inside the walls.

In short, the character dynamics seem like they’ll be interesting. But developers, The Coalition, are keeping the Gears 4’s story under wraps. We’re expecting something similar to the original Gears game in that the details of the classified incident – that drove Del and JD away from the COG – will be revealed to the player as the story progresses. The developers have also hinted at taking the series back to its original horror roots.

Here at TheXboxHub we’re keen to see how things progress with Gears of War 4. We’ll keep you in the loop with any new information, so keep checking back with us.

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Source: Gameinformer


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