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If you’ve been eager for some more Final Fantasy in your life, and have been looking enviously over the fence at Final Fantasy VII Remake, then Game Pass might have something you like.

Today sees the launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (Console and PC). The release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII completes the trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII games on Game Pass. It means you can play the complete three-game Lightning saga from start to finish. We’re not a critical consensus by any means, but as long as you can put up with the overly linear opening half of Final Fantasy XIII, it’s an underrated trilogy with a fantastic middle game in the form of XIII-2.

After being somewhat sidelined in Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning Returns puts her on the centre stage. She has to face her ultimate challenge, as the world is due to end in thirteen days and the only person who can stop it is her. The game revamped the original gaming experience, while adding a new game world, a new battle system, and extended customisation features. 

There are various add-ons for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII if you find yourself getting lost in its world. They come in at £3.19 individually and £7.99 for character packs.

In terms of the rest of March, Xbox has finally made some announcements. Are you sitting comfortably? On March 10th we are getting Kentucky Route Zero (Cloud, Console, PC), Lawn Mowing Simulator (Xbox One) , Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Cloud, Console, PC) and Young Souls (Cloud, Console, PC). Frankly, we are all over getting Guardian’s of the Galaxy for freebies. On March 15th, we get the privilege of Nier Automata (Cloud, Console, PC), Phogs! (Cloud, Console, PC), Torchlight III (Cloud, Console, PC) and The Surge 2 (Cloud, Console, PC).

In the latter half of the month, information is a little more light on the ground, but it has been previously announced that we would get Shredders on March 17th, A Memoir Blue on March 24th, Crusader Kings 3 on March 29th and Weird West on March 31st. 

Are you planning a Final Fantasy XIII trilogy playthrough?  Let us know in the comments below, or on our social channels. 

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