It’s time to move FIFA over to one side and put Madden away for another year, yep, AFL Evolution is here and it promises to bring us the very best, most exciting Aussie rules experience yet.

Available right now on both Xbox One and PS4, AFL Evolution is the most intense, feature rich AFL option you can get involved in. With a new gameplay system, more than 80 AFL teams in place, the chance to take the Under 18’s through their paces and a number of Bonus Teams to enjoy, if you’re one of those who follow a bit of Australian Football, then surely you should be interested.

With solo players catered for, those who wish to build a full career given the opportunity and a management style addition allowing you the chance to coach the club your way, AFL Evolution seems to have covered all the bases. There’s even an online mode to give those ready for some competitive or cooperative multiplayer, the chance to shine.

The Xbox Games Store will sort those Xbox One Aussie rules fans out, whilst PS4 players should head to their own digital hideout. £54.99 isn’t cheap, but fans of the game will no doubt flock.

Game Description:

XPERIENCE THE EVOLUTION! AFL Evolution brings you the most intense and feature packed AFL. Revolutionary new gameplay system designed to capture the thrills, skills and excitement of modern AFL. • COMPETITION – Play full seasons with over 80 teams from the AFL, VFL, TAC Cup, NAB U18’s, International Cup and multiple Bonus Teams. • CAREER – Build your player from the ground up. Experience the highs and lows as you work your way from an Under 18’s rookie through to a true AFL legend! • MANAGE – Manage your club as the coach with drafting, trading, Salary cap, tribunal, training and more. Lead your team to victory! • PLAYER CREATOR – Create any player you can imagine. Customise your facial features, height, body type, hair, ethnicity, stats and accessories. • FANHUB – Create your own or share community-created players, teams and classic line-ups. Choose from the best of the best. • ONLINE – Feel the adrenaline as you go head-to-head in competitive and co-operative online multiplayer. • Instant Replay System – Multiple camera settings and dramatic broadcast style replays!

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