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Get ready to race with NeoSprint this June


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NeoSprint races to PC and console this June

We remember the Sprint series with much fondness, spending much of our youth with the single screen racers of the time – mostly Super Sprint if our memories serve us right. But Atari are looking to bring that nostalgia again with the first new Sprint series game for more than three decades, as they release NeoSprint this June. 

Requesting you to rev your engines and prepare for the countdown, NeoSprint has today gone and got itself a June 27th 2024 release date. It’s then when we’ll be racing from lights out to chequered flag, ushering up memories of decades gone by. 

Retro racing!

Created by Headless Chicken Games and powered by the might of Atari, NeoSprint will release on PC and consoles, bringing with it multiple game modes, up to 8-player local multiplayer, upgradable cars, a custom race track builder, online leaderboards, and – most importantly – the timeless fun of arcade-era single-screen racing.

Whether you be on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam) or Atari VCS (where you can play the early access version right now), NeoSprint looks to be a racer you won’t want to miss – more so if you’re one of those who grew up in the golden era of arcade racing. But don’t expect this to be in the form of an Atari Recharged game.

This is an all-new entry into the franchise, as the Sprint series races back from the dead with a game suited to modern day play. It’s colourful, it’s got a cracking minimalistic 3D isometric design, it lets you upgrade and customise cars and, ultimately, will allow you the chance to prove yourself as the best retro racer the world over. 

Further, NeoSprint will also let you build, to share and to download custom tracks, as your course designing fantasies go wild. 

Key features promised

  • Isometric Arcade Action: Precise controls with an arcade feel make NeoSprint gameplay easy to pick up but hard to master. Learn the intricacies of drifting and drafting to pull ahead and learn how to stick the landing when you go over two and three-story jumps.
  • Easy-to-Use Grid-Based Track Builder: Design twisting, and turning tracks, build ramps, jumps, banks, and more, and add a variety of scenery and decorations to make your track unique. Four different biomes – forest, desert, winter, and city – bring a completely different look.
  • Sharing and Leaderboards: Share the tracks and circuits you create with other drivers. Download player-created tracks and then race against the times of the best NeoSprint drivers in the world. Share your tracks – and try others. 
  • A Lineup Built for Speed: Choose from a garage of 9 different cars, from muscle to sports cars, each with unique speed, acceleration, and handling. Each car is customizable with different colors and Atari-themed decals. Customize your lineup and get racing!
  • Campaign Mode: For those playing solo, challenge 8 skilled AI drivers in NeoSprint’s campaign mode. Compete in multiple Cup Series with increasingly difficult tracks. As you progress, unlock new decorations and car liveries.
  • Alternate Game Modes: Grand Prix mode allows you to build bespoke circuits from your own tracks, or tracks downloaded by the community. Additionally, Obstacle Courses and Time Trials provide hours of racing fun after completing the Campaign.

Coming this June

NeoSprint will release on Xbox (the Xbox Store link is here), PlayStation, PC (Steam), Switch and Atari VCS come June 27th 2024. We’ll be sure to remind you when that time comes, as we take to the grid. But for now you’d do well to check out the latest trailer. 

Will you be joining us on the NeoSprint grid this June? The comments are below. 

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