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As gamers we strive to get better every day. Whilst that is considerably harder for us older ones than the young whippersnappers who seem to be taking down every leaderboard and speedrun challenge in sight, there is always be the opportunity for some to thrive. And with Stretch Arcade launching on Xbox One, making your brain, and your fingers, fast is all par for the course.

Stretch Arcade is available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, with just a small £4.19 asking price attached, but should you give this cheap little console title a shot, will find that not only will you become a better gamer, but you may also be able to become a better person.

A simple retro-styled reaction experience, Stretch Arcade on Xbox One promises to make your slow cumbersome brain just that little bit faster. It does this by throwing asteroids towards Earth and leaving you as the only person to save the world – you’ll have to act quick, because if you don’t, the world will cease to exist.

Promising to be a great experience for older gamers who need to warm up before hitting the PUBG battlefield – that’ll be us – or as a tutor experience for the younger gamers who are first getting to grips with the gaming scene, Stretch Arcade is most certainly an intriguing prospect. We’ll be sure to drop some thoughts your way with a full review of Stretch Arcade on Xbox One soon, but for now, to get involved, head to the Xbox Store and nab a download.

Game Description:

Stretch Arcade is a retro style reaction time trainer for all skill levels. Your brain is slow. Make it fast! Destroy asteroids to save Earth and ramp up your reaction time. Great for young players just learning console controllers. Also great for older players who would benefit from customizable pre-game warm ups.

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