wreckfest goofy roofs pack

Wreckfest is all about having fun and hot on the heels of the Retro Rammers DLC which delivered dodgem cars into the action, we now get the chance to top out our vehicles with all manner of oddities. Welcome to the Wreckfest Goofy Roofs Pack.

Available to purchase and download into your game right now, no matter whether you are playing Wreckfest on Xbox One, PS4 or PC, the Goofy Roofs Pack does pretty much as it suggests on the tin, providing 20 cool and funny roof toppers.

Coming in at just £0.79p – yep, less than a quid – the Goofy Roofs Pack sees you given access to the likes of an inflatable unicorn, some gangster-styled glasses, a number of hats, a rocket, and a delightful piece of excrement to place on your roof.

For the price, and for the fun that it brings, the Wreckfest Goofy Roofs Pack for Xbox One, PS4 and PC should be seriously considered, if only as it provides even more reason as to why Wreckfest is the craziest racer out there. Just pop over to your usual digital stores, unless of course you have the Season Pass, in which case you are sorted.

And guess what? The next set of DLC – the Car Pack 2 – is coming on October 22nd to deliver even more madness.

Let us know if you decide to pick up this topper pack. The comments section is down below and we’d love to hear about what you’re placing on the roof of your car.

DLC Description:

Wreckfest not crazy enough for you? Now you can go completely nuts and get some extra laughs with these roof decorations! Choose from 20 cool and funny items, including rockets, explosives, an inflatable unicorn, deal-with-it glasses, a variety of hats and much more. The decorations can be applied to every car. This DLC pack is also included in the Season Pass.

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